73. Reading Skills Comprehension: Value of Mentor

By | September 23, 2022

Value of Mentor

Read the passage given below carefully.

1.In business, the value of having a mentor is well established. Many companies also have internal mentorship programmes so that young professionals in the company can learn from the veterans in their midst.

2. Despite this acceptance of the necessity of mentorship, creative mentorships are far harder to come by than seems possible. Though India has had a long history of such mentoring, through the guru-shishya parampara prevalent in the arts and crafts learning system in India. the dynamics of the system is heavily dependent on the whims of the guru or mentor. These people have ranged from strict disciplinarians demanding complete subservience to others who are lackadaisical and unmindful of their responsibilities.

3. To give this ancient tradition a modern twist, the internationally famed watchmaking company Role has initiated the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Intransitive. The Geneva-based firm seeks out gift young artists from around the world and brings them together with established mentors and maestros in their field, for a year of creative mentoring and collaboration on a one-to-one basis. So far, two Indian mentors have been chosen to guide potential talent among the youth. The internationally renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor and filmmaker Mira Nair are the two Indians who are currently directing youngsters in their chosen fields. Sadly, they have no Indian protégés so far.

4. The protégés for this scheme are selected by international nominating companies and many of the duos for this programme do not even come from the same continent or have a common language. This year’s programme which culminated in Mexico City, included the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and a young Paraguayan, Gloria Cabral. Though both of them did not speak the same language, they were both engaged in work on a tea chapel in South Korea.

5. When asked about her mentor, Gloria said that a good mentor was someone who not only provided academic knowledge but also guided and inspired one to something which one might not even know could be done. Recipients from the previous years too expressed similar thoughts. Israeli director Tom Shoval said he had never even dreamt of getting a chance to work with Oscar Award-winning director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu of ‘Birdman’ fame. He recalls how his mentor took him to the Canadian Rockies to see firsthand the creative process behind his new film ‘The Revenant’.

6. Commenting on the experience Shoval said: ‘The visit to the set of ‘The Revenant’ has been the best cinema school, because one could see how Alejandro builds a shot, choreographs and moves all the elements and creates a complex and emotional peak in every frame.’

7. According to the company, the aim behind starting such a project was to fill the vacuum that exists in arts philanthropy. Making it global and ensuring that the initiative was not confined to one form of art, the company has been able to serve the arts through many disciplines. Also, such initiatives exerted interaction between various artistic disciplines by encouraging various artists to interact between artistic disciplines.

8. Having selected the maestros, a global search is now underway to find suitable protégés for them. Each mentor is also given the opportunity to suggest his nominee from among a list of finalists made by the organizers. Once chosen, every protégé is given a grant of 25,000 Swiss francs during the mentoring year. In addition, he or she is also given funds for travelling and other major expenses. Thus the new initiative has become an exciting way of connecting between the talented youth and the seasoned practitioner through an interactive platform.

(I) On the basis of your understanding of the passage answer the following questions with the help of the given options:

(a) Companies have internal mentorship programmes——————-

 (i) so that young professionals can learn from veterans

 (ii) as the company has a fair mix of talent

(iii) to propagate their philanthropic programme

(iv) to link with the rest of the world

(b) The global search is now underway———————

 (i) find placements for the young

 (ii) find protégés

 (iii) locate projects to engage the young

 (iv) advertise their watches

(II) Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) What has been the characteristic of Indian gurus?

 (b) Name the two Indian mentors chosen so far, by the organization.

 (c) Who has been chosen as this year’s protégés?

 (d) What were Shoval’s experiences?

 (e) What was the aim behind starting such a project?

 (f) What are the allowances made to a protégé?

 (III) Find words from the passage which mean the same as:

 (a) a great performer (para 8)

(b) not showing enough care (para 2)

 Ans. (I) (a) (i) so that young professionals can learn from veterans

 (b) (ii) to find protégés

 (II) (a) Indian gurus have ranged from strict disciplinarians to those who are lackadaisical and irresponsible.

(b) The two Indian mentors so far chosen are famed sculptor Anish Kapoor and film-maker Mira Nair.

(c) This year’s protégés include the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and a young Paraguayan, Gloria Cabral.

 (d) Tom Shoval’s mentor Canadian Rockies to see first hand the creative process behind his new film ‘The Revenant’ and learnt how the director built a shot, choreographed and created a complex emotional peak in every frame.

(e) The aim behind starting such a project was to make it global and ensuring that it was not confined to one form of art alone.

 (f) Every protégé receives 25,000 Swiss francs during the mentoring years. Besides, work-related travel expenses and other expenditures are paid.

(III) (a) maestro

 (b) lackadaisical

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