5.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : “Justice delayed is justice denied”

You are Manoj/Manju of Saint Xavier School, Dwarka. Your school has arranged a debate contest on the topic. “Justice delayed is justice denied”. Write a debate in 150-200 words.



The working of Indian judiciary is such that it has become a time-consuming procedure and justice is becoming the last thing in the market of law and order.

Good morning everyone. Today I, Manoj, have got an opportunity to express my views on the topic “Justice delayed is justice denied” I am speaking for the motion.

During the duration between seeking justice and the result of it, there are a lot of formalities of rules and regulations and procedures. Court proceedings are very time-consuming. This gives sufficient time to the criminals to save themselves.

 In India, working of the judiciary is not satisfactory at all. As a result, there is an excessive delay in disposal of cases. The average time for one case is more than 4 years. Justice is also becoming costlier in terms of time and money. There are still 30 million cases pending in courts.

 The system of law courts that we took from British rulers has become very old and needs modifications to suit our needs. Case proceedings should be reduced and procedures simplified. The number of courts should be increased as we are at the lowest in the world on judges per million populations unless such steps to ensure speedy disposal of cases is taken. The present system will be lacking in delivery.


Good morning respected judges, worthy teachers and my dear friends. Today I, Manju, am going to speak on the topic: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. I am speaking against the motion.

 It is obvious that in a democracy it takes a lot of time for a law to be enacted, in such a situation, the case goes out of the mainstream and people forget the depth of the situation. There are various factors involved in this and delaying justice doesn’t mean its denial. Justice is a concept involving the fair, moral and impartial treatment of all persons. It takes a lot of time in the government offices to get the job done but it doesn’t mean they are not working. Similarly, there are several factors which need to be taken care of while solving a case. Sometimes the lack of evidence and witnesses is a major cause of the delay. In that case, we can’t blame the judiciary. So it is high time we understood other causes of lack of justice. We should understand that solving a case is not as easy as ABC. It needs time, devotion, hard work, truthful witnesses and reasonable evidence. Many a time right decisions have been taken by taking more time to deliver justice. Decisions taken in haste can sometimes punish the innocent one and set free the guilty. Thus not every time delaying the justice is negative. At times it works for betterment too.

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