39. Reading Skills Comprehension: State of Orissa

By | September 14, 2022

State of Orissa

Read the passage given below carefully:                                                                                        

Situated in the state of Orissa in the eastern part of India, Chilka is Asia’s largest tidal lagoon. It t extends from Bhusandpur in Puri district in the north to Rambha-Maludi in Ganja district in the south, a distance of 72 km. The lagoon has a catchment area of 3,000 sq. km. The water spread ranges from 1,165 sq. kin. In the rainy season to 906 sq. km. in the dry season.

 In many Indian languages, large birds of prey are called chits. Since in the area surrounding the lagoon, birds of this type are particularly abundant, the lagoon came to be known as chilka.

The Chilka lagoon is quite young, by geological standards. It was formed only 5000 to 6000 years ago. Huen Tsang, the famous traveller from China has recorded as recently as in 639 A.D that this lagoon was not fully separate from the Bay of Bengal. Due to the interaction of north-flowing ocean current and the flow of the Mahanadi river, a sand bar 30 km. long and 1.5 km. wide gradually got built up and separated the lagoon from the sea, except for a small online at Magar Mukh.

 Buddhist literature reveals that Chilka once had thriving ports which served as important stopovers for ships plying on the east coast of India.

There are 52 rivers that discharge about 375000 cusec of flood water which pushes out the same volume of saline water from the lagoon into the Bay of Bengal. Because of this, the Lagoon turns into a sweet water ecosystem froth July to December.

1. On the basis of your reading above passage, make notes on it in points only, using headings and sub-headings. Also use recognizable abbreviations, wherever necessary. Supply a suitable title.

2. Write a summary of the above passage in about 50 words.

Ans:-    Chilka Lagoon

  1. Location of Chilka Lagoon — Asia’s largest lagoon

 (a) from Bhuva to Puri

 (b) up to Rambha – Maludi in South

(c) total length — 72 km.

 (d) Catchment area — 3,000 sq. km.

2. Water Spread

(a) 1165 sq. km. in the rainy season

(b) 906 sq. km. in the dry season.

3. Age of lagoon

 (a) young — 5,000 to 6000 yrs.

(b) in 639 A.D. — not separate from the Bay of Bengal.

(c) Sand bar separated it

 (d) only a small opening at Magar Mukh

4. Name & Fame

 (a) Name — from Chilka — a prey bird

 (b) fame — a stop for ships.

5. Special Features.

(a) water discharged by 52 rivers

(b) amount of water discharged — 375000 cusec.

 (c) saline water pushed out

(d) sweet water ecosystem — July to Dec.

Abbreviations used
   1. Sq. km.      –   Square Kilometres

   2. Yrs.             –   Years

   4. Dec.            –   December

 2. Summary:

Chilka Lagoon is Asia’s largest lagoon. It was named after the birds of prey called Chil which are abundant here. Its total length is about 72 km. and catchment area is 3000 sq. km. The lagoon’s area is about 1165 sq. km. in the rainy season whereas it is only 906 sq. km. in the dry season. The lagoon is quite young. It receives water from about 52 rivers which push out a big amount of Saline water thereby making it sweet water ecosystem.

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