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24. Reading Skills Comprehension:-Are You Being Bullied

Read the following passage carefully :
                                                Are You Being Bullied
1. All of a sudden, Anil became quiet and withdrawn. The once confident child began to his grades dropped; he was distracted in class. He refused to go to school and was disobedient. One night. his mother heard him cry in bed Nightmares began and the old started to wet the bed.
2. She knew something was wrong. She tried to talk to him. When she persisted he burst out, “That Subhash! He is named, he punches and kicks me, spreads rumours about and making people laugh at me. I won’t go to school. No
3. Bullying is persistent unwelcome behaviour, which intends to or emotionally. It has become a very common phenomenon breaks self-esteem, even leaves life-long emotional scars. tell when they are being bullied; older ones rarely do.
4. Bullying is attention-seeking behaviour. Children see it as a way of being popular, showing off, or making themselves look tough. Some might be jealous of the person they are bullying, or might be victims of bullying themselves. Many do not realize what they are doing is wrong and how it makes their victims feel. They may be witness to bullying behaviour at home or may be acting out their frustrations with home, school, grades, lack of friends, etc. Teachers and parents should see that the bullying child is as much in need of help as their
victims.                                                                                                                         –Rabhika  Soundar
Type — I (Sentence Completion)
I Complete the following statements appropriately: 37
1. Anil’s problem was that he was being ……………………. by a boy named Subhash.
2. Subhash would be troubling Anti by :
calling him names,
putting him down and making people laugh at him.
3.  Some children who resort to bullying do so to:
become popular,
or because of nurturing jealousy for the one whom they are bullying.
4. Sometimes, bullying may be the result of’ frustrations at …………………….

Type —II (Very Short Answer Type Questions)
17.2 Answer the following questions briefly:
1. What changes came in Anil’s behaviour as a result of being bullied?
2. What can be the harmful effects of being bullied?
3. What is the author’s suggestion to the teachers?

17.3 Find words from the passage opposite in meaning to:
1. attracted (Para 1-2)
2. noisy (Para 1-.2)

17.1 1. Bullied
 2. (a) punching him and kicking him
     (b) spreading  rumours about him, and
3. (a) show off               (b) to look tough
4.    home, school, grades, lack of friends etc.

17.2 1. He became quiet and withdrawn. He began to stammer and his grades dropped. He even refused to go to school and even had nightmares.
2. It hurts a person physically and emotionally. He starts behaving abnormally.
3. They should try to understand the problem of those children also who are bullying others.

17.3            1. distracted                                  2. quiet

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