123. Reading Skills Comprehension: How UN-Clean Is The Air That We Breathe?

By | July 8, 2021
How UN-Clean Is The Air That We Breathe?


Clean air is obviously, not a priority for those living in Delhi, the fourth most polluted city in the world. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) claims that even the politicians are not much bothered about this malady.

 Although Delhi has the largest incidence of asthma among schoolchildren, only a small section of society seems aware that this is caused by the high levels of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, suspended particulate matter (SPM), lead and benzene. Besides asthma, air pollution can also cause respiratory illnesses and cancer.

 “Youngsters like my son wonder why I spend Rs. 30 every six months on getting a Pollution Under Control Certificate when most vehicle-owners don’t bother to do so,” says a professor at the IIT’s energy studies department.

 For the embassy personnel in the city, pollution is a preoccupation, according to the professor. He recalls how a scientist attached to a foreign embassy approached him to know if there were any gadgets available to measure air pollution levels in Indian schools.

 “He was worried because their children study in these schools,” recounts the professor. It is when you see air pollution that he gets worrying. He also recalls how his white shirt turns patchy by the time he reaches home in the evening.

 “About 65 per cent of Delhi’s air pollution is vehicular, another 25 per cent is contributed by thermal power stations and industries,” says the professor.

Answer the following questions:-

1.Based on your reading of the passage complete the following

List three categories of people most affected by pollution:

2.List two contributory factors for Delhi’s air pollution:

3. Based on your reading of the passage complete the gaps in the following:

Delhi is (a) —————–   It is because (b) ————- While the politicians are completely (c)——————to the malady of air pollution, the general public and in particular the (d) ————— are alarmed by the ever-growing pollution and feel concerned to know, if there is any (e)——————  to measure air pollution because their (f)—————-  are equally affected by pollution.


1. (a) School children   

(b) Embassy personnel                     

 (c) Children of Embassy personnel.

2.(a) Vehicles

 (b) Thermal powerhouses and industries.

3.(a) the fourth most polluted city.

(b) of the high levels of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, suspended particulate matter, lead and benzene present in the air

 (c) unconcerned (d) Embassy personnel                        

(e) gadget available

(f) children.

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