22. Reading Skills Comprehension -No Fizz in Coke

No Fizz in Coke

Read  the following  passage  carefully  :

Indians are fast acquiring healthy habits. In keeping with trends worldwide, summer sales ices, juice-based drinks, iced tea, flavoured milk, buttermilk and lassi over fizzy cola drinks.

Juices and other non—aerated drinks are growing at a blistering 35-4O% compared to fizzy drinks, which are notching up a 10% growth. The soft drinks industry sees the perceptible shift towards healthy drinks in Consumer tastes.

The changing public perception towards colas and aerated drinks are in line with international Cola sells more non-aerated drinks thanks to increased awareness in schools about alleged harmful effects of aerated drinks caused by the pesticides. Pesticides controversy is making people turn towards healthier alternatives, be they juices or flavoured milk.

Interestingly, within carbonated beverages segment, its lime-based drinks like Sprite, Limca and 7—up, besides diet variants of Coke and Pepsi that are growing faster than the two big colas.

It’s the same in the US, Europe and Japan. In the US, for instance, fizzy drinks have been on the decline Since their sales peaked in 1998, while categories like water, energy drinks and juices are growing. Pepsi’s volume declined by 4% last year, while Coca-Cola has launched only diet drinks in the last two years.

                                                            (Sentence Completion)

(a). Complete the following statements appropriately:

  1. Harmful effects of aerated drinks are mainly caused by …………………………..
  2. “ People turn towards healthier alternatives”. (Para 3)Here, healthier alternatives refer to………………………..
  3. Some lime based carbonated drinks available in Indian markets are…………………………


  1. Pesticides
  2. Here, healthier alternatives refer to juices, iced tea, flavoured milk, buttermilk, lassi, etc.
  3. Sprite, Limca, 7-up, etc.

                                          (Very Short Answer Type Questions)

(b).Answer the following questions briefly:

  1. How can you say that Indians are fast acquiring healthy habits?
  2. Compare the growth in the sales of non-aerated drinks and fizzy drinks.
  3. What changing public perception does the author talk about in Para no. 3?
  4. What is the result of awareness in schools of Japan about the alleged harmful effects of aerated drinks?
  5. ‘It’s the same in U.S., Europe and Japan ‘. (Para 5 ) What does the author talk about here?


  1. Juices and other non-aerated drinks are growing at fare more speed than Fizzy drinks.
  2. Non-aerated drinks are growing @ 35-40% while fizzy drinks @ 10%.
  3. It refers to preferring healthier drinks over fizzy drinks.
  4. People are running towards healthier alternatives like juices and flavoured milk.
  5. Increasing demand for healthier drinks.

(c)Find words from the passage which mean the same as:

  1. capable of being seen or observed. (Para 1-2)
  2. decrease (Para 4-5)


1. perceptible  2. decline

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