53. Reading Skills Comprehension: MANUFACTURING

By | July 17, 2023


Read the following passage carefully:

  1     It is simple: when you buy a product, we check its manufacturing or expiry date. But we rarely check the ingredients. For example, most shampoos and soaps contain the chemical sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is carcinogenic, most toothpaste has very high sugar content, deodorants contain aerosols which deplete the ozone layer and harm the skin, and washing soaps dog drains and does not degrade easily. In short. almost all ‘washing and cleaning’ agents, including toothpaste, contain surfactants (like SLES or SLS) and other harmful chemicals that contribute to carbon emissions during their manufacture.

        2      So, using a herbal hair wash powder or a shampoo that has no SLS will keep your hair and you healthier. Substitute ayurvedic tooth powders for toothpaste. If you are inclined, you can make your own washing soap at home for use in a washing machine, which is far more eco-friendly than the ready-made detergents (recipes are available on the Net). And always remember, If you are eating something that your grandmother or mother cannot make at home, then you are inviting trouble. Each time you buy and eat fast food, plastic packets are being used without being recycled.

       3       Similarly, there is indiscriminate use of electronic products: each member of the family has his own laptop, music player, mobile phone and sometimes, even separate TV set. True, it has become a necessity today to possess these gadgets, but there is a way of using them effectively. Turn off appliances when they are not in use. If you are downloading a movie, do it when you are awake and can switch off the computer and the Internet once it is done. This will not only save power but will also make your appliances work efficiently.

       4       Mobile phones take up much more battery power when they are in vibration mode than when the ringtone is on. Keep brightness to a minimum, and switch off your Bluetooth at times when you are not sharing files. After charging the phone, switch off the charger. Over-charging means wastage of electricity and it also impairs the life of appliances be it iPods, mobile phones or laptops.

 Read the given questions and write the answer in about 30-40 words.

1. What do products such as soaps, shampoos and toothpaste contain that is harmful to humans?

2. Why are herbal products considered better?

3. How can we ensure the efficient use of electronic products?

4. How can we ensure that our mobiles last for a long time?

4.2. Choose the word which is closest in meaning to the words given below.

 (a) Carcinogenic

(i) causing cancer                          (ii) causing TB

(iii) causing skin disease             (iv) causing eye infection

 (b) degrade

(i) lower down                                (ii) break into

(iii) break up                                   (iv) to bring together

 (c) indiscriminate

(i) throwing out                              (ii) confused

(iii) wide                                            (iv) aimless

(d) impairs

  (i) improve                                      (ii) cause

(iii) to pair                                         (iv) to become worse


1. Soaps and shampoos contain a chemical sodium lauryl sulphate which is carcinogenic. Most of the toothpaste have high sugar content and are not good for people with diabetes.

2. Herbal products whether it be shampoo or toothpaste do not contain any chemical so do not harm the hair and teeth. There is also no fear of any of these being carcinogenic in nature. One can use them regularly.

3. When one is not using appliances it is better to turn them off. Also while downloading things like movies from the internet it is better to download when one is awake as after downloading one can switch off the computer and the internet. This will save power as well as make the appliance work efficiently.

4. Certain simple precautions such as keeping the Bluetooth switched off while not sharing files, keeping the brightness to the minimum, switching off the charger after charging the phone help increase the life of a mobile phone.

4.2         (a) (i)                     (b) (ii)                    (c) (iii)                   (d) (iv)

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