94.Short Essay and Article on Girls:  An Asset and not a Burden

 Using the hints given below, write an article in about 100-120 words for your school magazine on the topic “Girls: An Asset and not a Burden”.

[Hints: Important part of society – homemaker, balancing dual role equal participation in social life – capable of being teachers, officers, doctors, engineers, ministers etc.]

Ans.                                                   Girls:  An Asset and not a Burden

 India is traditionally a patriarchal society which has been looking at girls only as subordinates to boys. Even modern education from the west and its influences have not changed our social outlook on girls till now. Though in certain areas the status of girls has improved and their significant contribution is appreciated, the stereotyped image of girls as a burden to the family and a liability to her parents is not changed considerably. Even now there are cases when girls are treated with a biased outlook in comparison to boys. In the past too there has been quite a change in the way women have tried to establish their social identity. They participate in social activities and prove themselves to be an able professional like the teacher, doctor, engineer, manager and also in governance. There are also women who are top entrepreneurs. But their proportion is very less as compared to men. So, at home, women are still the homemakers, though they have the capacity to take the dual role of also being a working woman. Men still look at them as only capable of household activities. Many young grooms still opt for a non-working woman for a bride. Indeed, working women are financially independent which is again a positive characteristic. Working or not, women are great assets for the family as well as the nation.

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