79. Short Story: The Faithful Dog

By | October 4, 2022
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A boy and a dog great friends ……….the boy sleeping………. hit room caught fire ……..boy’s father sleeping in a far off-room……….. dog barked ……….caught(held) man’s shirt……….. dragged him to the boy’s room ………..the boy sailed ………..Moral.

Ans:-                                                   THE FAITHFUL DOG

Once there was a boy. There was a dog also there. Both were fast friends. The dog became the darling of the boy. Both remained together day and night. They slept together. They ate and played together, but the father of the boy did not like the friendship of the two very much. He advised his son that he should keep the dog at an arm’s length.

Many months passed. One night the boy was sleeping soundly in his room. By chance, a burning candle fell on his bed. It caught fire. Soon the room was full of smoke. The dog barked very loudly. But the little boy was fast asleep. He did not wake up. The poor dog did not know what to do to save his little old friend.

He rushed to his father’s room. His father’s bed was in a far-off room. He dashed into it and began to bark loudly. The man was disturbed in his sleep. He lost his temper. He beat the dog severely. He shunted him out of the room. But the dog did not stop from barking. Then the man became another. The dog caught hold of the end of the shirt of the man. He dragged him out. The man went on beating him. But the faithful creature did not mind. At last, the man was forcibly taken to the boy’s room.

The father found the flames of fire raging all around. The fire was about to touch the body of the sleeping boy. He at once took the boy in his arms and ran out to safety. Only then the dog stopped his barking. The man was happy as his son was saved. He was repentant for his dislike and beating of the dog.

Moral: Dogs are very faithful to their masters.

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