79.Short Essay and Article on Live Together, Not Fight

 Of late, you have observed that there are fights in the classrooms. Students are always ready to fight even over trifles. Write an article in 100-120 words for your school newsletter on ‘Live together, not fight’.  You are Ram / Rama.                                                                 

Ans.                                                             Live Together, Not Fight

The man has evolved from the caveman the present modern specimen. He has learned to live in a civilized manner. But many a time, we see the caveman instinct emerge when men/ boys fight over trivial things. People have lost the virtue of patience these days. With ‘instant’ version of things being available, they have forgotten the importance of patience often we see our friends and relatives getting furious and fighting over silly issues. We need to reintroduce anger management and patience into our education system. It would help people deal more effectively with stressful situations. We could also practice deep breathing, yoga and meditation to learn various techniques to soothe the mind. It would enable us to live together in peace and harmony.          

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