73.Short Essay and Article on Reality Shows and Children

 You are Mitali/Manish. During a visit to Mumbai, you happened to visit the sets of a television reality show featuring children. The long shooting hours made you think that the children were losing their precious childhood years, which should have been spent enjoying a carefree life in the lap of nature rather than satisfying the desires of ambitious parents and contributing to the family income. Write an article expressing your concern in 100.120 words. Take ideas from the hints given below: ‘Realty shows and children’.

  • Loss of innocence
  • Neglect of studies
  • Overriding parental ambitions
  • Burdened with responsibilities at the tender age  

 Ans.                                                          Reality Shows and Children

Reality TV shows have robbed the innocence of children. The studies are neglected. This can be stressful for children because of overriding parental ambitions. They are burdened with responsibilities at a tender age. It is stressful for kids that if they do something wrong that could crush the whole world, kids at school would be making fun. The parents want their children to perform in reality shows to make money and gain fame. They do it because they want money, fame and that too at the cost of their children. The children have to undergo great pressures when eliminated from such reality TV shows. It is agony to see children crushed in those circumstances, they are vulnerable and can’t take rude criticism. It could affect children’s safety and well being. To conclude, no children should be put to so much of pressures or stress for merely winning or losing a reality TV show. It does no good.

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