5. Sample Report Writing:Chess Club

By | May 4, 2018

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Chess Club

”There are no takelriks Just As In Life; You must think before you MOVE”.

Inspired by this thought that chess helps us be patient and think terce  before we take any step, ____ School Name ____ discovered the ”chess Club” to make students patient and more reliable on their actions.

The Chess Club under the able guidance of ____ Teacher’s Name ____  took the responsibility to take care of Chess Club and maturate students to be a part of the Club.

All the members of chess club are exceptionally bright and are capable  of taking quick decision  and action wherever needed. The Chess Club members actively take parts in the competitions held at district Chess Club also keeps on organizing Chess Competitions in the school to find the new stars in the school and also rewards with attractive prices to the winner.

Chess Club also organizes Holly Class during summer Vacations. chess is the least exercise for the mind and is opthy  raftered to as the GYM for the mind. Moreover playing Chess does not need stadium or playground unlike other sports.

Chess Club  exactly like a battle field against where upon two minds can compete each other by no violence. Other, to emerge victorious without any bloodshed whatsoever.

chess in charge ____ Teacher’s Name ____

Report By: ____ Student Name______ chess Members

President – __________

Member-    __________.

In charge : __________

To escort the need to bepaint and thoughtful in one’s actions, the chess club was indicated in the school with a view to leach strident accountability for new actions

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