4.Sample Report Writing:Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey Report

By | May 4, 2018

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Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey Report

Name: ___________

Class: __________

Age: ____________

___ Name______, the Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey (COPES), that you responded to is a very good career guidance tool. This has helped in outlining your personal values which play an important part in occupational selection and job satisfaction. In other words, knowing exactly what are the areas that hold importance for you, will make it easier for you to select a career that will be suitable to your personality and thus give you immense satisfaction in the long run.

We base your career guidance on your top three (core) values.

1.Investigative: Satisfying intellectual curiosity and solving complex problems are activities valued by you. You exhibit a strong desire for knowledge and mastery of information. In your work, you enjoy solving complicated problems and working with complex ideas.

2.Reserved: You prefer to work alone, concentrating on your own projects without being required to help or work with others.

3.Orderliness: Keeping things tidy and in the proper place, are major concerns for you. You value activities that involve maintaining order and proceeding according to a well conceived plan.

Based on your preferences and values you can go in for the following fields:-

1.You can become an excellent science professional, i.e. occupations involving responsibility for the planning and conducting of research. They include collecting and applying systematic accumulation and application of knowledge. Sample occupations include, an astronomist, biologist, botanist, entomologist, food scientist, medical professional/ surgeon, marine biologist, psychologist, veterinarian, computer programmer, mathematician, physicist, geologist, etc.

2.Additionally, you can also become an exceptional technology professional. Occupations in this area involve responsibility for engineering and structural design in the manufacture, construction or transportation of products or utilities. Sample occupations include, aerospace engineering, marine engineer, civil engineer, electrical engineer, electronic engineer, automotive engineer, chemical engineer, etc.

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