10.Describing Person: Ustad Rahi Khan

By | August 6, 2020

Describing a person or writing a biographical sketch is not a tough task. Edumantra describes what is bio sketch? Click the Link above and go through bio sketch format as well as bio sketch exercises and have a nice experience of bio sketch writing. Basically earlier there are were bio sketch exercises for class 8 but presently it is a part of class 9 CBSE Syllabus of Language and Literature. Just dive in for how to write a bio sketch and understand the real meaning of bio sketch.

Chen below notes on the life of Ustad Rahi Khan. Write a biographical sketch of his in about 100 words.

 Born – March 211. 1926 in Sitapur. U.P.

His ancestors – Famous musicians

At the age six – Moved to Varanasi

Received training – Under Ustad Amir Ali Khan – a sitar player

Started performing at the age of 14

Performed in India and abroad

Awarded Padain Shri in 1967

Established a music school at Varanasi

 Died – August 21st 2004

One of the best examples of Hindu- Muslim Unity

 Ans. Ustad Rahi Khan was born on 21″ March. 1926 in Sitapur, a town in Uttar Pradesh. His ancestors were famous musicians. At the age of six. He moved to Varanasi. He received training under the sitar player Ustad Amir Ali Khan. I started performing at the early age of fourteen. He performed extensively in India and abroad. He was awarded the Padam Shri in 1967 established a music school in Varanasi. Ile passed away on 21″ August 2001 His life is one of the best examples of Hindu- Muslim unity.

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