86. Reading Skills Comprehension: ‘Paris Control’

By | July 10, 2021
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‘Paris Control’

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:       

Paris Control? Paris Control? Can you hear me?

 There was no answer. The radio was dead too. I had no radio, no compass, and I could not see where I was. I was lost in the storm. Then, in the black clouds quite near me, I saw another aeroplane. It had no lights on its wings, but I could see it flying next to me through the storm. I could see the pilot’s face — turned towards me. I was very glad to see another person. He lifted one hand and waved.

 “Follow me,” he was saying. “Follow me.”

 ‘He knows that I am lost,’ I thought. ‘He’s trying to help me.’

 He turned his aeroplane slowly to the north, in front of my Dakota, so that it would be easier for me to follow him. I was very happy to go behind the strange aeroplane like an obedient child.

 After half an hour the strange black aeroplane was still there in front of me in the clouds. Now there was only enough fuel in the old Dakota’s last tank to fly for five or ten minutes more. I was starting to feel frightened again. But then he started to go down and I followed through the storm.

 Suddenly I came out of the clouds and saw two long straight lines of lights in front of me. It was a runway! An airport! I was safe! I turned to look for my friend in the black aeroplane, but the sky was empty. There was nothing there. The black aeroplane was gone. I could not see it anywhere.

 I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota near the control tower. I went and asked a woman in the control centre where I was and who the other pilot was. I wanted to say ‘Thank you’.

 She looked at me very strangely and then laughed.

 “Another aeroplane? Up there in this storm? No other aeroplanes were flying tonight. Yours was the only one I could see on the radar.”

Word-Meaning: Frightened—afraid, डरा हुआ


1. Did the narrator receive any answer from ‘Paris Control’?

2. Could he see anything in the storm?

3. Why was the narrator glad to see another person?

4. What did the pilot say to the narrator?

5. What was the pilot trying to do?

6. Why was the narrator frightened again?

7. What did the narrator see when he turned to look for his friend in the black aeroplane?

8. Why was the woman in the control centre surprised?


1.The narrator didn’t receive any answer from ‘Paris Control’ as the radio was dead too.

2. No, he couldn’t see anything in the dark clouds and be totally lost.

3.The narrator was glad to see another pilot as he could receive some help and guidance from him.

4. The pilot asked the narrator to follow him.

5. The pilot was trying to help and show the way to the narrator who was lost among the dark clouds and the storm.

6. The narrator was frightened again as his old aeroplane had fuel enough to last only for five or ten minutes more.

7. When the narrator turned to look for his friend in the black aeroplane he could see nothing in the sky.

8. The narrator was talking about another plane but the radar showed that he was the only plane that flew that night. The talk of the second plane surprised the woman in the control centre.

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