21.Report Writing Samples : India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match

By | February 15, 2019

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You witnessed a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Write a report on the atmosphere on the cricket ground during the match.

 Ans.                                                    INDIA VS PAKISTAN CRICKET MATCH

(By Aman)

Last Sunday a one-day international cricket match was played between India and Pakistan at Kotla grounds. The stadium was fully packed with enthusiasts. They cheered the Indian bowlers at every ball. Whenever a Pakistani batsman was out, there was a loud shout of joy. If the Pakistani batsmen scored there was dampness. When a batsman showed slackness in scoring runs, he was hooted down. The atmosphere was full of fun, joy and cheers. The last moments were tense. The spectators were biting their nails. But when Dhoni hit the last ball to the stands and led India to win, the crowd went crazy. A wild dance shook the stadium.

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