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By | December 15, 2020

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India’s first woman President was sworn in on July 25, 2007. Write a report about the event. The following input can be helpful to you.

A milestone; first woman President; oath by Chief Justice; oath in English; speech in English and Hindi; appealed for economic growth, women’s empowerment; fight against communalism, terrorism.

Ans.                                                                 Sworn

A milestone was reached in India’s history on July 25, 2007, with Smt. Pratibha Patil being was sworn in as the first woman President at a ceremony in Parliament House. She was administered the oath of office by the Chief Justice of India. Patil took oath in English and, subsequently, read out English and Hindi versions of her speech. Patil appealed for economic growth, women’s empowerment and fight against communalism and terrorism. Present on the occasion were UPA and NDA leaders, chief ministers and governors, bureaucrats and diplomats and members of Patil’s family.

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