174. Short Essay and Article on : How to Get the Best out of a Team

Man is basically a social animal. He depends on others for his survival and existence. He has to work with others and must know how to get the best out of a team. Taking these ideas, write an article on ‘How to Get the Best out of a Team’.

Ans.                           How to Get the Best out of a Team                                                                                                  


 Man is a social animal. He can’t live in a vacuum. He has to depend on others to make a living. He has to bond with others and be a part of a team. Working in a team is quite a challenge. One has to adjust himself to the requirements of his team. A team must work like a well-oiled machine. Only then it can produce great results. All the members of a team must work together selflessly to achieve a common aim or goal.

Working in a team is really a healer and a stress buster. Success or failure is not an individual’s responsibility. It is a collective responsibility. Good teamwork demands perfect and effective communication between all the members of the team. Strong leadership controls the individuals and goad them to achieve a common goal. Conflicts are avoided. The focus is on unity and cooperation. Mutual jealousy and conflict of interests have no place in a team. Negative attitudes should be discouraged. Each member should have deep respect and appreciation of others’ abilities and skills.

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