166. Short Essay and Article on: Crime Against Women in Delhi  

A spate of rapes and murders of helpless young women in Delhi has shocked the conscience of the nation. Taking help from the information given below and inventing your own details, write an article on ‘Crime Against Women in Delhi’.

Hints:  • Rape of a young woman at Dhaula Kuan • Rape and murder of a girl in Mangolpuri • Rape of a young lady in South Delhi • Kidnapping of a girl in East Delhi

Ans.                                         Crime Against Women in Delhi                                                                                                              


 Delhi has earned the dubious distinction of being the crime capital of India. Life has become quite uncertain and unsafe in Delhi. The capital of India has become a grazing ground for kidnappers, rapists and murderers of women. The recent gang-rape of a young woman at Dhaula Kuan and the rapes, murders and kidnappings in different parts of Delhi have shocked the whole nation. All the tall claims of Delhi Police to provide security to women have been proved totally hollow and false. Every day we find news of crimes against women in the columns of newspapers or on TV channels.

Delhi is different from other metros like Mumbai or Kolkata so far crimes against women are concerned. A young woman can walk on the roads of Kolkata even at night but not in Delhi. Here, young ladies can’t venture to go out alone after the sunsets. Why has Delhi earned this notoriety? Of late, Delhi has developed a culture that has given birth to a class of criminals. They don’t have faith in traditional Indian culture which equates all other women to our sisters, daughters and mothers. The consumer culture equates women to a commodity. Young women from the North-east are the softest targets. The war against criminals must be fought on two fronts. First, the Delhi Police must ensure safety to women by regular patrolling at night and nabbing criminals at the earliest. On the cultural front, a widespread movement should be launched to help women in their fight against crimes and criminals.

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