15. Report Writing Samples :  A Noble Gesture By Students

By | December 15, 2020

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You are the student editor of your school magazine. Your school has organized a Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations. Write a report for the magazine. Keep in mind the following points: noble gesture; local Rotary Club; encouraging response; appreciation certificates and cards; highly acclaimed

Ans.                                                       A NOBLE GESTURE BY STUDENTS

(By ABC)

 On the eve of Independence Day celebrations, our school organized a ‘Blood Donation Camp’ with the support of the local ‘Rotary Club’. The response was encouraging. About 100 teachers and students came forward for this humanitarian cause. Our dynamic Principal inaugurated the camp by being the first one to donate. Each donor was given an appreciation certificate and a card to get blood free of cost in compelling need or emergency. The noble gesture of blood donation was highly acclaimed in the press. The Rotary Club treated the donors to light refreshment. The camp was a grand success and the credit goes to our Principal.

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