132. Short Essay and Article on : `Service and Sacrifice’

You are Varshini. This year your school arranged a special cultural programme on the theme `Service and Sacrifice’ in commemoration of the International Year of Volunteers. Write an ankle about this cultural programme for your school magazine in about 200 words.                                                     

Ans:-                                        SERVICE AND SACRIFICE

The year 200— was celebrated as the International Year of Volunteers. Our school arranged a special cultural programme in commemoration of this great event. ‘Service and Sacrifice’ was selected as the theme of this special programme. As part of this programme, a blood donation camp, a free dental care camp and an eye-camp were organised on the school premises. All the money spent on arranging these camps was contributed by the staff and students of the school. A large number of people visited these camps. They were guided and helped by the student volunteers who wore on their shoulders the badges saying: ‘Service and Sacrifice’. The visitors were highly impressed by the spirit of service exhibited by the volunteers. The words “They serve God well, who serve His creatures” on the entry gate pleased every visitor. Apart from these camps, a great cultural show was organised in the school hall. There were competitions in dance, music, patriotic songs, mono-acting, etc. Each of the items highlighted the importance of service and sacrifice in life. The programme was on the whole very successful and was appreciated by all who attended it. The programme was presided over by the Education Minister who had a special word of praise for our school.

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