13. Describing an Event:  Morning Assembly in My School

By | December 11, 2020
 Morning Assembly in My School

Describing an Event or examples of report writing on an event is an easy task. For writing event description you need to keep a few things in your mind while describing a paragraph like. Date, time, place, purpose, institution/ organization/ occasion. So we are providing some event report sample example. All these will support you to make an excellent paragraph on describing an event. So read these factual description examples. These paragraphs also include format of factual description. Go through and get an idea of how to write factual description. So dive in for describing an event.

Write a paragraph on the following topics in 80 words:

Ans:                                     Morning Assembly in My School

 Morning assembly is an important daily activity in our school. As soon as the bell rings, we assemble in queues in the playground. Our class teacher stands in front of us. Other teachers are also present there. The P.T.I. calls us to attention. Then we say our morning prayer. After that, there is a brief illuminating discourse by one of the teachers or a talk by some student. The drillmaster then takes over. We perform some light exercises to keep our body fit and active. Then the assembly is dismissed and we go to our classrooms to begin our studies.

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