127.Short Essay and Article on : ‘Corruption’

Corruption is a deep-rooted menace. It has soaked into every sphere of life and has become a leviathan. We have stopped feeling scandalized by it. It is growing rapidly. Write an article on ‘corruption’.

Ans.                                         CORRUPTION—A CANCER FOR SOCIETY

Corruption is a deep-rooted menace and it is all-pervasive. The balloon of corruption is ever bloating and it will never burst. It has eaten into the vitals of society, distorted all values and morality, truth and virtue look helpless before it. Every day we read about Grafts, scams, scandals and immoral practices somewhere in the country. Right from Parliamentarians to an ordinary clerk in office-corrupt practices is the order of the day. In a way, we have to come to accept it. We indulge in corruption without any qualms of conscience. It is said corruption is a perennial spring of disorder. People used to say that a corrupt society cannot survive long; even this belief has proved a myth. Corruption is infectious. The general thinking is— “everybody takes bribery; why can’t I take? After all, I am not an angel.” People’s apathy is an unconscious sanction to corruption.

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