11. Report Writing Samples : Robbery At Gunpoint

By | December 15, 2020

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Armed men looted 5.5 lakh in cash and valuables. Write a report taking hints from the input given below: masked men; pistols and knives; removed the grill to enter; overpowered inmates, fled, the siren of a police vehicle.

Ans.                                                     ROBBERY AT GUNPOINT

(By AB/XY)

New Delhi: 20 January

 Seven masked men brandishing pistols and knives broke into the house of an engineer living in Saket and looted 5.5 lakh and valuables. The incident was reported around 2 a.m. on Tuesday. The men removed the grill off the kitchen window to enter the residence. After gaining entry they overpowered the inmates and asked about the money. The police said that the dacoits seem to know the family had about 20 lakh at home. They must have got the information from someone close to the family. The dacoits left when they heard the siren of a police vehicle.

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