12. Report Writing Samples : Caught in a Shower

By | December 15, 2020

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You were caught in a shower of rain. Write about your experience. You may use the points given below: cloudy weather; no umbrella; heavy showers; drenched; shivering; cold; confined to bed.

 Ans.                                                    CAUGHT IN A SHOWER

(By Reema)

 It was cloudy and I was sure that black clouds pregnant with water vapours would deliver any time. I could not miss my school as I was to conduct a programme. As my brother had taken the umbrella I left for my school without an umbrella. I was crossing

the ground. Suddenly there started a heavy downpour. I got fully drenched. I ran for shelter and stood under the window shade of a house. I was shivering by now. In the afternoon I had a headache and fever. My nose was running. For two days I remained bed-confined and had to swallow bitter pills and cough syrup to get well.

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