64. Letter to the Editor Regarding : Problems Faced by a City like Kanpur

By | July 17, 2023
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As an enlightened citizen of the country, you are concerned about the problems faced by the residents of Kanpur. Using the information given in the input below along with your own details, write a letter to the editor ‘The Herald’ expressing your views on the subject.

Hints: * must have basic infrastructure

* civic amenities

*sewage system

* drainage

* unplanned urbanization

* illegal constructions

* violation of laws

* urgent need

* basic needs

* clean water

* good transport

* medical facilities.

Ans. 22, Dalton Ganj



March 02, 2020

 The Editor

The Herald Kanpur


 Sub: Problems faced by a city like Kanpur

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I want to highlight the problems faced by our city, Kanpur.

The city has to cater to the demands and civic amenities of millions of people. It must have basic infrastructure and civic facilities. Good transport facilities, mass housing projects, a scientific sewage system and good drainage are some of the basic requirements of the residents. Another important issue is to provide pure and clean water for drinking to the general public. A network of good roads helps in streamlining the transport system and the traffic. The medical services should be readily available at reasonable rates in government hospitals. Unfortunately, all these infrastructures and facilities are conspicuous by their absence in Kanpur city. Unplanned urbanization, encroachments, illegal constructions and frequent violations of the law have made Kanpur a huge slum not suitable for human

While preparing any blueprint of a modem city the emphasis must be laid on the superstructure and the infrastructure. Only by updating and upgrading the sewage, drainage, transport, water and electric conveniences and medical facilities we can make Kanpur a pleasant place to live in.

 Yours faithfully


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