Full-Form of WEF in English | What Do You Mean by WEF

By | April 28, 2023
WEF Full-Form | What is World Economic Forum (WEF)

 You can try the full form of WEF and gain confidence at least in WEF meaning. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of WEF is World Economic Forum.


The abbreviation or full form of WEF is the World Economic Forum

WEF Full-Form | What is World Economic Forum (WEF)

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Abbreviation or Full Form of WEF

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss non-profit foundation. WEF is established in 1971 with its headquarters located at Cologny, Geneva. WEF is recognized by the Swiss authorities as to the international institution for public-private cooperation.

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Mission of WEF

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  1. WEF is an international institution committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation.
  2. WEF engages various political, business and academic leaders in collaborative efforts as an initiative to fulfil global, regional and industry agendas.
  3. Delivers a unique value to its partners, members and constituents through its Annual and Regional meetings.
  4. To demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance.
  5. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of all the activities carried out by WEF.

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