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English Essay Example

1.A Cricket Match
2.A Dust-Storm
3.A Football Match
4.A Happy Dream
5.A House on fire
6.A Magic Show
7.A Municipal Park

8.A Rainy Day in Summer
9. A Rainy Day in Winter
10.A River in Flood
11.A Village Fair
12.A Walk in the Moonlit Night
13.Beauties of Nature
14.Beijing Olympics-2008
16.Life in a Big city

17.Life in a Hostel
18.A Morning Walk
19.The Annual Prize Distribution Function
20.The Annual Sports Day
21.The Himalayas
22.Advertising Or Commercial Advertising
23.An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away
24.Causes of Heart Attack
25.Central Reserve Police Force Or CRPF
28.Law and Order
29.Nationalism Vs Internationalism
30.Place of Women in Society
31.Pleasures of Reading or Reading for Pleasure
32.Power of the Press
34.The Role of the Police
36.Are we Happier than our Forefathers?
43.The Animal world
44.The Secret of Happiness
45.The Secret of Success
46.Will Power
47.The Real Life Heroes – Soldiers
48.My Idea of a Happy Life

49.The Happiest Day in My Life
50.The Saddest Day of My Life
51.The Diwali Festival
52.The Independence Day
53.The Dussehra Festival
54.A Morning Walk
55.My Ambition in Life
56. If I Were a Millionaire
58.Students and Discipline
59.Honesty is the Best Policy
60.The Dust – Strom
61.The Festival of Holi
62. Examinations
63. Books Are the Best Friends
64. Handicapped Children
65. Hobbies
66. An Ideal Citizen
67. My Pet Dog
68. My Home
69. National Integration
70. Child Labour
71. Unemployment
72. Price Rise
73. Dowry System
74.Population Control
75. Adulteration
76. Terrorism
77. Corruption
78. Poverty
79. Consumers’ Safety
80. An Ideal Student
81. My Best Friend
82. An Unwelcome Guest
83. Science and Human Happiness
84. Renewable Energy
85. Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation
86. Time Management
87. Health is Wealth
88. Slow and Steady
89. Better Late Than Never
90. Necessity is the Mother of Invention
91. Use and Abuse of the Internet
92. International Relations
93. New Seven Wonders of the World
94. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
95. Disaster Management
96. Terrorism in India
97. Child Labour
98. Science in Everyday Life
99. Use of Electricity
100. Science and Religion
101. Freedom of the Press
102. Travel
103. Unemployment in India
104. Newspapers
105. My First Day at School
106.My Favourite Fruit
107.My Favourite Leader
108.My Favourite Hero in History
109.Good Manners
110.My Best Friends
111.The Person I Hate Most
112. Self- Help

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