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By | October 11, 2023
Hard Words Best Seller Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Best Seller. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Best Seller Word Meanings from Communicative Class 9.”

Hard Words : Best Seller Page No.- 43

Profitably = beneficially, gainfully (लाभदायक), Tepidest = lukewarm, mild (अल्पगर्म), Curiosity = interest, inquisitiveness (जिज्ञासा), Hurled = threw, flung (फेंकना), Critic = reviewer, evaluator (समालोचक),

Veered = turned, shifted (दिशा बदलना), Acquaintance = friend, contact (परिचित), Destination = endpoint, goal (गंतव्य),

Yokes = frameworks, collar (जोड़), Insertion = addition, input (सम्मिलन), Tepidest = lukewarm, mild (अल्पगर्म), Hurled = threw, flung (फेंकना), Ill-fated = unlucky, doomed (अभाग्यशाली)

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Best Seller Difficult Words in English Page No.- 44

Stuff = material, substance (सामग्री), Commodity = product, goods (वस्तु), Browsed = skimmed, glanced at (झलकियां देखना), Conventions = meetings, gatherings (सम्मेलन), Discarded = thrown away, abandoned (त्यागा हुआ),

Alias = false name, pseudonym (उपनाम), Principality = small kingdom, state (राज्य), Sovereigns = rulers, monarchs (सम्राट), Fencer = swordsman, one who duels (तलवारबाज़), Rank = extreme, strong (तीव्र),

Station = status, position (स्थिति), Singing-society = choir group, musical club (गायन समूह), Fixed = settled, focused (निश्चित), Swiss = relating to Switzerland (स्विट्ज़रलैंड संबंधित), Fencer = swordsman, one who duels (तलवारबाज़), Literature = writings, works (साहित्य)  

Good Word Meaning of the Class 9 Lesson Best Seller Page No.- 45

Hunted = searched, looked for (खोजना), Aspire = aim, desire (आकांक्षा करना) , Uncrowned = not having a crown, unofficial (अराजक), Sovereign = ruler, monarch (संप्रभु), Traitors = betrayers, backstabbers (विश्वासघाती),

Packing = carrying, having on hand (लेना), Consistent = constant, steady (स्थिर), Capers = antics, playful actions (मस्तियां),

Commission = payment, fee (आयोग), Affinity = connection, bond (संबंध), Aisle = walkway, passageway (गलियारा), Spectacular = impressive, dramatic (शानदार), Keeps = long term, for life (दीर्घकालिक)

English Difficult Words of Chapter Best Seller Class 9 Page No.- 46

Residing = living, dwelling (रहना), Proposition = situation, idea (विचार), Cottage = small house, bungalow (कुटिया), Sleeper = train berth, bed (शयनकक्ष), Junctions = crossroads, intersections (संचार स्थल), Contrived = managed, devised (योजित), Frazzled = worn, tattered (फटा हुआ),

Satchel = bag, pouch (बस्ता), Garnet = gem, jewel (रत्न), Grove = wood, orchard (बाग़), Lilacs = shrubs, flowers (फूल), Trail = follow, track (अनुसरण), Ostensible = apparent, seeming (प्रत्यक्ष),

Postmaster = mail head, chief (डाक प्रमुख), By-and-by = soon, eventually (धीरे-धीरे), Gossip = chat, talk (गपशप), Bay View = seaside view, outlook (समुंदर का दृश्य), Agricultural Building = farm structure, barn (कृषि भवन), Ostensible = apparent, outward (प्रत्यक्ष), Quality = class, rank (गुणवत्ता)

Class 9 Chapter 5 Best Seller Word Meaning in English Page No.- 47

Registered = signed up, enrolled (पंजीकृत करना), Twinkle = sparkle, glint (चमक), Kidding = joking, teasing (मजाक करना), Smoke = deception, trickery (धोखा), Blushes = reddens, colors (लाल हो जाना), Clumsy = awkward, ungraceful (अनाड़ी), Pointed = indicated, directed (सूचित किया),

Earnest = serious, sincere (गंभीर), Mileage = distance covered, travel (यातायात की दूरी), Acquainted = familiar with, know (परिचित) , Blushes = reddens, colors up (लाल हो जाना),

Straight = direct, unswerving (सीधा), Mighty = extremely, very (अत्यधिक), Proud = dignified, self-respecting (गर्वित), Paling = fencing, enclosure (बाड़)

Chapter 5 Best Seller Class 9 English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 48

Mansion = Large house, residence (महल), Lineal = Direct, straight (वंशानुगत), Descendant = Offspring, heir (वंशज), Drummer = Salesman, peddler (फेरीवाला), Introduced = Presented, shown (परिचित कराना),

Demands = Asks, requires (मांग करता है) , Fox-hounds = Hunting dogs, trackers (शिकारी कुत्ते), Hunter = Seeker, chaser (शिकारी), Hesitated = Paused, waited (हिचकिचाया) ,

Sharp = Exactly, promptly (ठीक समय पर), Doorbell = Entrance bell, buzzer (दरवाजे की घंटी), Elmcroft = Residence, mansion (स्थान का नाम), Belted = Titled, honored (मान्यताप्राप्त), Earls = Nobles, lords (महाशय),

Proper = Suitable, right (उचित) , Minneapolis = City, location (शहर का नाम), World’s Fair = Exhibition, event (विश्व मेला), Sharp = Exact, on time (तय)    

Difficult Word Meaning English of Best Seller Page No.- 49

Crack open = Break, open up (खोलना), Wormy = Infested, decayed (कीड़ा लगा हुआ), Shabby = Worn-out, old (पुराना), Rattled = Disturbed, unnerved (व्याकुल), Prospects = Opportunities, chances (आवसर),

Clear out = Depart, leave (चले जाना), Bunch = Group, family (समूह), Anecdotes = Short stories, tales (छोटी कहानियां), Amenities = Courtesies, niceties (सौहार्द), Fox-hunting = Pursuit, chasing (लोमड़ी का शिकार), Perpetuating = Continuing, maintaining (निरंतर बनाए रखना),

Porch = Entrance, veranda (आंगन), Fortunate = Lucky, favored (भाग्यशाली), Promoting = Encouraging, fostering (प्रोत्साहित करना), Replies = Answers, responses (जवाब), Occur = Happen, come to mind (घटित होना),

Kin = Relatives, family (रिश्तेदार), Amusement = Entertainment, fun (मनोरंजन), Satisfactory = Adequate, acceptable (संतोषजनक), Smoky = Filled with smoke, hazy (धुंधला), Inquire = Ask, question (पूछताछ करना), Furnish = Provide, supply (प्रदान करना)

Class 9 English Best Seller Chapter 5 Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.- 50

Gathered = Collected, assembled (इकट्ठा किया), Leisurely = Slowly, unhurriedly (आराम से), Promptness = Swiftness, quickness (त्वरितता), Glanced = Quick look, peeked (झलक दिया),

Dotted = Spotted, scattered (बिखरा हुआ), Huts = Small houses, shacks (झोंपड़ी), Dreary = Dull, bleak (उदास), Slag = Residue, waste (अवशेष), Rills = Small streams, brooks (छोटी नदियां), Foamed = Frothed, bubbled (झाग बनाया),

Splashed = Sprayed, spattered (छिड़का), Cuttings = Pieces, segments (कटौती), Blossoms = Flowers, blooms (फूल), Wand = Rod, stick (छड़ी)