ASL Topic- Preservation of Wild Life

By | September 3, 2016

Preservation of Wild Life

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Preservation of wild life has drawn the attention of the Indian Government as well as of many foreign Governments. They have realized that man has been very cruel to animals. He has been so cruel that many species of wild animals are extinct now and many are on the verge of extinction. The Royal Bengal Tiger , The great Indian Elephant, The Asiatic Lion, The Indian Bustard and the Siberian Crane , well known species of wild life in the country, face the danger of extinction. Man has always hunted animals for food, for adventure and for greed of money. He has killed lions tigers and crocodiles for their skin and elephants for their tusks. The public and the Government are aware of this fact, and decided to preserve them. Strict laws were passed prohibiting the killing of wild animals. In 1972 the central wild life act was passed. Trade in these species has also been subjected to certain rules. The Indian Board of Wild Life has also been formed to advice the government on wild life. There are some voluntary organizations also like The Bombay Natural History Society and the World Life Fund which have done commendable work in this direction.

Q.1 How can we prevent wildlife destruction?
A. Perhaps the greatest threat that many species  are facing is the widespread destruction of habitat. Deforestation, farming, over-grazing and development all result in irreversible changes—soil compaction, erosion, desertification, and alteration of local climatic conditions. Such land use practices vastly alter or even eliminate wildlife habitat. We should be encouraged enough to stop all this.

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