ASL Topic- Afforestation and its Impacts

By | August 26, 2016


(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

“A priceless gift of nature is in form of forests.” A Chinese proverb rightly says- “If you want to plan  for ten years, plant trees.” The above quotations shed enough light on afforestation and its importance. Humans have almost destroyed the nature for their sake. If there are no trees, there would be no life for humans. Trees provide wood for several means and are a priceless gift of nature which is even more costly than any piece of gold or any diamond with thousands of cuts. Our life is not possible without trees and we can still save our earth by planting more and more trees. Trees absorb carbon-di-oxide and give us oxygen which we need for our living. They prevent floods and help in rainfall. They render the climate and prevent the deserts from spreading further. Fodder is also obtained from the forests. Bark, rubber, gum and dyes are the raw materials supplied by them. Paper comes from the bamboo and sandal wood also comes from forests. Thus, Indian history depends on forests to some extent.  “Forests are a national asset.” Therefore it is a duty of the government and the people to protect them instead of destroying them as we have been doing for long. 

Qu. What are the purposes of the people to cut trees?
Ans.- First of all I would day that people have become selfish and materialistic to cut down trees. They sell timber, make furniture, construct shopping malls, cinema halls, and use land for commercial purposes and this thinking dominates them.

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