ASL Topic n Short Essays with Example on: Importance of Dress code in Schools

By | August 18, 2016
Schoooool Dressssss

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Importance of Dress code in Schools

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

One particular type of group united for the same purpose should wear same type of clothes that is uniform. The concept of uniform is the only most visible element of any school regardless of caste, complexion, social status etc. Uniformity is the symbol of discipline. Uniform is a unique idea for schools because it helps students not to divert their attention to fashionable garments  while at school. If uniforms were non-existent, students might be victimized by others because of expensive clothes they choose to wear.  Attention will  naturally go on the clothes people wear instead of on schoolwork, which is what school is all about. Uniform is the only source to avoid fashion parade from schools. When students wear clothes of their choices on their birthdays even then sometimes objectionable attire is observed. Uniform is the only source to avoid such objection regularly. Each morning, students do not have to waste their time to decide what to wear, they simply get dressed in their uniform. In this way getting ready for school becomes hassle-free for students. Time wasted on deciding what to wear could be better spent on doing schoolwork.

Extension for comment- It makes our life more disciplined as we have to fall in a habit of taking care of a particular attire like every country’s army has a particular uniform. It has been rightly said that whatever we are or whatever we will be in future it is all because of our habits and uniformity is such a habit which binds us in a great discipline which is a great key to success. We can easily judge an institution if its workers are wearing uniform. The same is in schools it is a feeling of equality, it is a feeling of responsibility, it is a feeling of  belonging to one another and ultimately it is a reminder of being in a group assembled for the same purpose. It uniform exists in schools it means that the purpose is kept in mind and being chased.


Qu. Is it really possible to implement dress code in all the school and colleges?
Ans. Yes, I firmly believe that it is really possible to maintain dress code everywhere. Rules should be like army for this. Learners will learn not only uniformity but also a sense of discipline if they are morally inspired with a strict voice.

Qu. How can you say that uniformity is the symbol of discipline?

Ans. Wearing uniform means that one follows rules and regulations. It is quite obivious to understand that following rules is the ultimate discipline.



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  6. Anonymous

    Sir, my question to you is that in foreign countries most of the schools do not have uniform, students are allowed to wear civil dresses, but still their education and way of discipline is far more ahead of ours. Why?

  7. Shailesh Post author

    Hello Dear,
    Thanks for ur question.
    Actually there is nothing so that most of the schools do not have uniform, reality is this that most of the schools have uniform. Schools without uniform are exceptions and remember exceptions are not counted in rules.
    Workers on dhabas do not wear uniforms but workers on brand outlets are always in uniforms. It symbolises the importance of the aforesaid.

    Pallavi Sharma

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