ASL Topic- My Dream is India

By | August 26, 2016

My Dream is India

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

India is made of diverse traditions. It is fusion of different regions, different religions and many cultures. Our strength is in unity. But sadly people do not think about our nation. They only fight with one another. For some people their faith is their religion above the nation. This is worrisome. Think of a united India, where people think about their nation and will work towards the common goal development of nation. Cleanliness is something, which is considered as godliness. Indians do not worship this god. Our dirty cities, rivers narrate a sorry story. I dream of a neat and clean India. Two things which are omnipresent in India are corruption and beggary. A net of corruption is found in the public sector and in the private sector. Beggary is found in every nook and corner. Some poor people are lazy and do not work. This does not means that India is a poor country. I dream of an India where our country is free of corruption and beggary. About 9 percent of the people are unemployed. I dream of an India when I will be proud to say “MERA BHARAT MAHAN” where India would be an example of peace, calmness, prosperity, progress and co-existence to the whole world.

Qu. According to you what should be the additional qualities in India?
Ans.- I dream of India where every Indian is having an opportunity to do work. I dream of an India where good traditions would be patronised. In India of my dream, her culture heritage and excellence be the most cherished treasures.        


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