ASL Topic- Egotism is a fault of Mankind

By | December 25, 2016

Egotism is a fault of Mankind

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.5 min)

Egotism is the most common fault of mankind. Product of the perfectly natural desire to display oneself, egotism, is an exaggerated form of self-display. It can take such a variety of shapes that it is not always easy to discern. It impairs the personality, and frustrates all efforts at self–improvement. A person who under egotism continually talks of his own affairs. We all have meet the kind of man who is never happy and keeps on recounting his exploits and experiences in life, and whatever subject he may begin discussing you feel quite sure that he will sooner or later arrive at himself. It may not be so easy for the egotist to recognize his fault but if he can put on his guard—and it behaves each one of us to examine carefully whether we are entirely immune from this canker—there is always hope of a cure. We should avoid the use of the pronoun “I” in speech and in writing. Such affectation is an infallible sign of egotism, and it is all the more reprehensible because it is deliberately assumed by the person. Next we come to the individual who holds strong opinions and insists on forcing these opinions on to others. There is not a great difficulty in recognizing the egotistical aspect of this conduct, although it is not so easy to remove such a defect, for a person of this kind is generally possessed of a fiery temper—but again, it can be done, and recognition of the defect is the first step towards its cure. There are two other well-known types of egotists—the over-precise person and the officious one. The former offends by his meticulous habits, his insistence on having everything just right just right generally connoting the way he personally wants them to be. The officious individual succeeds in making himself most disliked because of his detestable habit of always showing or telling other people how to do things.

1. How does the writer define egotism as?
Answer- The writer means to say that it is a drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself, and generally features an inflated opinion of one’s personal features and importance. It often includes intellectual, physical, social and other overestimations

2. Why should be egotism constantly hunted down?
Answer- It must be hunted down as I have already mentioned that it impairs the personality, and frustrates all efforts at self-improvement.

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