ASL Topic- Women and Society for Her

By | August 28, 2016

Women and Society for Her


(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

 The situation of the women that we see in the present is not the same as it was in the past. Women have struggled a lot to regain their lost importance and they have been successful also up to an extent. This is the result of their hard work only that today they are also allowed to work outside the home and attend school. By seeing the dint of the women the Supreme Court also formulated different law to help women to their fight. Now a days the number of the girl student has also increased in the school as compared to that of the past. Women are also paid the same salary for the work they do as that to men. But today also when the whole society has changed its mind setups regarding the status of women there are still many who use women in different kinds of advertisements, makes ill natured songs on women, and still say that women are crossing their limits. There is still a lot to be done for the women.

Qu. – What measures can be taken to empower women?
Ans. There is a lot to be done but first of all I would like to say that thinking and attitude of everyone towards women should be changed. Women should be empowered with more rights. Rules which have been framed for women security are enough if they are implemented properly.

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