5.Story Writing Solved Example- God Helps Those Who Help Others

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The following solved example of story writing as per CBSE syllabus for classes9 and 10 will help you to understand the required terms for story writing. This CBSE story sample for kids is also entertaining. The prompt or the question may be taken as a worksheet.

Question- It was Saturday. Veena got up late. Her parents had gone to the office. Veena remembered that she had planned 

Write a short story on the basis of the hints provided above.


Answer-                                                                    God Helps Those Who Help Others

It was Saturday. Veena got up late as it was her habit. Both of her parents had gone to the office. As she was preparing breakfast, she remembered that she had planned to visit her sick uncle that day. Finishing off her breakfast, she quickly got ready to go. Taking a rickshaw, she went to her uncle’s house. She sat with him for a long time and helped her aunt in doing the household chores. As she sat to have lunch with them, her phone rang. It was her mother, who yelled at her. But Veena could not understand what her mother had been shouting about. The only thing she understood was that her mother was telling her to come home as soon as possible. Veena soon left for home. On reaching, to her honour, she noticed that the house had been burgled. In her hurry, she had left the door unlocked and the thief had an easy job. All their valuables were gone and her mother looked at her as if she would eat her up. Veena had no words to console her. Thankfully, the thief had left some clues and the police were able to nab him within a week. God always does justice with the good ones.  


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