ASL Topic n Short Essays with Example on-Importance of Media

Importance of Media

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

Whether we turn to the declarations of the past or to the professions of the present, the conduct of the nation has always required the nurturance of Media. I would like to ask if national movements and campaigns like Make In India, Save & educate girl child & Cleanliness campaigns have gained momentum without the mobilisation of Public opinions? As a watchdog, shielding democratic ideals, media has emerged as a powerful political force to reckon with for condemning dictatorial tendencies of the govt. holding it accountable and stirring it from its languor to explain their decision and actions. I really wonder to find my worthy opponents accusing media of being irresponsible and wayward. To my fellow mates who nurture this belief, I would like to remind how media played a significant role in overthrowing the dictatorial regime of Mrs Indira Gandhi after an emergency? Over the past few decades, media has evolved as a great source to propagate views polices, &future plans of the ruling government, oppositions other parties of the nation.  I would like to ask if Mr Narender Modi could assume the dignified office of PM had he not tapped the doors of media to promote policies and manifesto of his party. I think no. So the above-mentioned facts are sufficient to prove that media is very important.

Qu. Do you think that media does not manipulate facts?
Ans. If media manipulates things it cannot exist. It shows a mirror to society. The news may be transformed but cannot be manipulated.

Qu. Do you think that media attracts attention unnecessarily?
Ans. I don’t think that media attracts attention unnecessarily but I would like to add that if people are attracted to media it is their own interest.

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