One Word Substitution Quiz with Answers Exercise-35

By | May 16, 2019

To learn English language one-word substitution dictionary is very helpful. Here we are providing one-word substitution pdf download. It can act as one-word names for companies. There are many words which are one word to describe yourself. Find these one word online that act as a one-word game and appreciate


Direction: Choose the most suitable ‘one word’ for the following phrasesl expressions.

1.One who promotes the idea of an absence of government of any kind, when every man should he a law unto himself. (B.Ed. 1994)

(a) Anarchist               (b) Belligerent            (c) Iconoclast            (d) Agnostic   

2. One who is likeable?

(a) Amicable                (b) Amiable                 (c)Effusive                   (d) Ebullient

3. The person who gives himself up to luxury and sexual pleasures.

(a) Masochist              (b) Voluptuary           (c) Debauch                (d) Epicure

4. A field or a part of a garden where fruit trees grow.

 (a) Park                        (b) Nursery                  (c)Yard                         (d) Orchard

5. Something which is not thorough or profound. (Stenographer’s Exam, 1993)

(a) Superficial            (b) Superstitious       (c) Superfluous        (d) Supernatural

6. A woman of lax moral.

 (a) Prostitute             (b) Harlot                     (c) Concubine           (d) Hostess

7. A slow-witted and incompetent person.

(a) Nigger                     (b) Dud                         (c) Snotty                     (d) Duffer

8. Using new words.

(a) Coinage                  (b) Vocabulary          (c) Neologism             (d) Malapropism

9. Indifference to pleasure or pain. (Translator’s Exam, 1994)

(a) Docility                  (b) Stoicism                (c) Patience                 (d) Reticence      

10. One who is neither intelligent nor dull?

 (a) Tolerable             (b) Commoner           (c) Mediocre                (d) Diligent


1.(a)      2. (b)

3. (b)     4. (d)

5. (a)     6. (d)

7. (d)     8. (c)

9. (b)     10. (c)

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)


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