Speech Writing Format, Topics and Examples

Writing speech in English is a difficult task. You must be thinking how to start a speech of introduction or so. We are here with speech writing format and speech examples read these speech examples which could be used as topics for speech in school assembly. Use it as morning assembly speech or consider them as general topics for speech in English but they are very useful. These are specially assembly topics for class 8. Read these short speeches and be ready for morning assembly topics

How to start a speech:

1.Include a dramatic pre-speech note to draw attention.

2.Begin your writing with greeting the chief guest, fellow speakers and other listeners. Announce the topic.

Speech Writing Format

Para 1: Write your motive and ask two or three self–answering questions. To make our speech effective, make use of some statistics. Some references to the newspapers/magazines from where you collect some data related to your topic.

 Para 2: Write about some positive/negative aspects, effects and consequences/results, arguments related to the topic. This paragraph constitutes the backbone of speech, so it requires to be written effectively.

Para 3: Focus on the solutions you would like to offer related to the topic. It will include views on tackling a problem.

 Para 4: Winding of the speech-it must be a warning or a call for an action or an appeal. Conclude with hope on an optimistic note.

Write or say  “Thank you everyone for being generously patient” after completing your speech.


1.Child Labour
3.”Beauty contests are degrading”
4.Role of Women
5.Importance of English Language
6.”Food adulteration is a rising problem in India”
7.Pleasures  of  Reading
8.”The Importance of Hindi language”
9. ‘Ragging’
10. Courteous Behaviour
11. Corporal Punishment
12. `Reservation in Educational Institutes’
13.’Capital Punishment’