Class-8 9.Speech Writing : ‘Ragging’

By | February 12, 2019

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Ragging has become a menace; a cause of fear and shock for freshers. Many times it hurts the victim’s psyche for life. Why do seniors resort to such heinous practice? Let us find the causes of this socially unacceptable behaviour. Why do seniors subject juniors to intolerable inhumane acts? Write a speech on ‘Ragging’.

Ans. Dear Friends,

My talk today concerns youngsters and it concerns ragging. Ragging has become a menace and it adversely affects the psyche of freshers or junior students. It blames the victims psychologically. Many times victims resort to suicide to end the trauma. The Supreme Cowl has denounced ragging in no uncertain terms but it still looms large on the head of freshers and juniors.

Why do seniors resort to such heinous practice? Are they not students themselves? Why do they indulge in this socially unacceptable behaviour and intolerable inhumane acts? Let us find the reasons. Our education system creates intelligentsia but minus moral and ethical values. Materialistic values are being taught and not philanthropic and moral values. How are students alone to be blamed? Teachers and parents are equally responsible, for they have failed and failed miserably to cultivate good citizens. Education that teaches not to share the problems of others is meaningless. Punishing the seniors will not do. Inculcate among the students, importance of character and feelings of love and co-operation towards their juniors. This will prove to be the right way to kill this demon of ragging. Thank you!

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