English sample / Model paper Solution Set 2- 2020

By | February 6, 2020
English sample / Model paper Solution Set 2- 2020

English sample / Model paper Solution Set 1- 2020 find below- Model Question Papers are the best medium for any exam preparation like CBSE or any other competitive exam. Considering this we are providing English sample papers for class 10 with solutions. These question papers are designed as per the latest CBSE pattern for CBSE class 10. Go through these class 10 English model paper thoroughly to get xam idea class 10 and consider what common is in these CBSE sample papers for class 10 2019-20. Your English paper is always based on creativity because Reading, writing and Grammar are always unseen. These CBSE class 10 sample papers are great for CBSE 10 board exam 2020. Additionally, class 10 English sample paper is the best medium for preparation. Finally 10th model question paper is available with solution-

Solution Set 2


Q.1. 1. The printed sheet, i.e., the newspaper is the gospel truth for the people.

2.It is the duty of the editors to see that no false, inciting or explosive news is published in the newspapers.

3. The duty of the public is to keep a strict watch on the newspapers and keep them on the right path.

4. By indulging in untruth or exaggeration, newspapers harm the cause they profess to espouse.

5. The superficiality, the one-sidedness, the inaccuracy and dishonesty are the ills that have crept into modern journalism.

6. An uncontrolled pen can not only bring devastation but also destroy society.

7. The control over the journals and newspapers can prove profitable only if it comes from within and not from outside.

8. Only the people and their wisdom should judge between useful and useless journals.

9. Gospel truth.

Q.2. 1.a) Olivar Twist was not hung upside down and beaten to death. That is why his orphanage has been described as mild when compared to poor Rohit’s fate.

b) They are caught and roughed up badly.

c) The living conditions in remand homes arc very deplorably. Secondly, the caretakers arc cruel and non-cooperative.

d) The real purpose of remand homes is that destitute and abandoned children should be provided with every facility for physical, mental, moral and spiritual improvement.

2.a) attacked in a threatening way             — roughed up.

b) remarks repeated by many                 — common refrain.

c) physical injury for wrongdoing          — corporal punishment.

d) only merely


123, Chocolate Road.


Date: 21″ May. 2014

The Editor

The Pioneer

Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.

New Delhi-20

Subject: Colossal wastage of food in lavish Indian weddings.


We all talk of changing our country for betterment but how little do we do in this regard. Out of so many things that go unnoticed in our dear country, here is one issue that I wish to chalk out. it is strange how Indians spend life’s savings at their weddings.

The wedding market in India is flourishing, with approximately I.50, 000  crores per year. The shocking pan is that all this wastage is happening when our own country. India. is a host of the biggest armies of starving people in the world. Such wastage should be censured and people should be educated against wastage of food in such a manner. In social functions and gatherings, guests should not squander food by piling up their plates excessively. The size of the servings should be limited according to the appetite. Besides, the hosts should also responded by giving the caterers the exact number of guests to arrive so that the food is cooked accordingly and there is no wastage.

 I cannot help but point out as to how people do not even bother to use ‘R.S.V.P.’. Which means “please respond”, a French phrase, to confirm their visit on being invited? Thus, the host, not sure of the number of guests to arrive, prepares food in abundance leading to inevitable wastage. Indian marriages are not just famous for their traditions and customs but also because of their grand fiestas. I hope that the new generation understands the gravity of the situation and abandons old fashions and deals with such issues practically.

Thanking you

 Yours sincerely,

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Ans.                                      Youth and National Integration

India is a country where diversity plays a vital role. The Indian population comprises of many different races, religions, cultures and languages. Fostering national unity among everyone is the most difficult task in India today. Citizens of our country seem to have forgotten that unity is a strength. Thus, national integration is the need of the hour. People should be educated on this topic. And what better audience than the youth.

Through schools! Lid colleges, the young men and women should be taught that India is one and the differences are only superficial. For this, the textbooks should be suitably revised. Moreover, exchange programmes should be taken up to give the youth the chance to meet grows acquaintanceship with other and their cultures. This will make the youth understand how even diversity brings us close.

Such programmes should emphasize the oneness of the people. Rather than the differences. For this, media can also be a good medium to effectively educate the youth and develop the national consciousness.

Q.4.                          A Spaceship on Earth!

Last Sunday, I was watching TV. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside. It was about 10:30 p.m. As I opened my door, bright lights from outside dazzled my eyes. I went outside towards the place where a large crowd had gathered outside our colony park. There was a huge spaceship that had landed in the park. It had a thousand lights blinking and from the windows, one could see a few strange figures peeping out. I was surprised to see the aliens. Meanwhile, the police had also reached the park. People were shouting and asking the police to take the aliens out of the ship. They were very excited to see them. By this time, few scientists and researchers had also reached the spot. They had brought some instruments along with them.
As they started moving towards the spaceship, the sirens that were installed in it started blowing. We could notice the strange figures hurriedly moving inside the spaceship. Then, as if understanding the intentions of the scientists that they probably wanted to capture them, they started blowing green-coloured dust from their spaceship. Its wheels started moving like a blower and the spaceship started moving upwards. The scientists rushed out of the park. People tried to click pictures of the spaceship but their cameras showed only a black screen. The spaceship safely moved out of the hands of the humans who would have otherwise captured the aliens and started a study on them. I thanked God for saving their lives from the clutches of the inhuman humans.

Q.5.  (a) (ii) of                                              

(b) (i) crept                        

(c)(iv) creaked                 

(d)(iii) pantry


   Incorrect              Correct

(a) from                    of

(b) feel                     felt

(c) fill                       filled

(d) unhumane         inhumane

Q.7 :

(a)Now I have become very proficient in them.

(b)The rise in temperature disturbs the rain cycle.

(c)It adversely affects vegetation and agriculture.

(d)We have to face frequent floods and droughts.

 Q.8. (a) Griffin

(b) He decided to steal clothes from a theatrical company.

 (c) He wanted to protect himself from cold.

(d) Drury Lane was the centre of the theatre world.


 (a) It means the tiger was walking from one end of the cage to another as if trying to measure the length of the cage.

(b) No, he was not.

(c) The expression—’ignoring visitors’ tells us this.

(d) He was kept in a cell made of concrete walls and long, strong bars so that the tiger could not escape.


a.Richard was three years old when he lost his father. Then he became the whole life of hi, mother, Ins mother was his only companion tint he started scout mythic brought home file tithe for in. At night they just did the things together. Ili-, mother encouraged his interest in learning. She took him on trips, bought loin telescopes.  Cameras and their equipment-h that him other ways, It motives ho brought him the book ‘The rave Kit-larch X”. Thus lit let row focus of’ twig tether’ attention.

b. Losels possessed eighteen thousand francs, which his father had left. For him. Rest of the money he borrowed from usurers and a whole race of lenders. He made ruinous promises for that. And to repay this debt they had to change their lodgings. Madam Lisle had to do all tedious jobs like washing. Grocery shopping, and carrying water upstairs herself.

c.No, Bishamber was not at all a suitable match for Bholi. No doubt, he was rich, had a big shop, a house of his own and thousands of rupees in the bank. But he was mean, greedy and a worthless man. When he came to know of the pock-marks on Bholi’s face, he demanded a dowry of 5000 rupees to marry her. Even the turban of Ramlal at his feet couldn’t melt his heart. Bholi did the right thing to reject him.

d. The theme of the poem is to create humour. The poet creates humour by suggesting dangerous ways of identifying wild animals. You can identify most of the beasts while they are attacking you. Instead of shouting for help or trying to protect yourself, you are busy identifying the attacker—the idea creates humour.

e. Peggy would wait to make fun of Wanda at school. She would most courteously ask her, how many dresses she had hanging in her closet. Wanda would reply that there were a  hundred. Peggy would then ask about the dress material, and when Wanda walked away, would burst into laughter, sarcastically making fun of her.

f. The narrator was happy to go to New Mullion. He thought it must be a beautiful and calm village. He considered Lukens a friendly fellow. He liked his openness, warmth and affection. He took his kindness to be real. He was impressed by his ever of help although the hack driver was doing his business and earning handsome money from the lawyer.

If I had been in the lawyer’s place I never considered Bill’s statement true. I would have counter checked his statement by talking to other persons of the village. I would not have spent the whole day with a single person in search of Lukens, but rather consulted different people to find Lukens.

10. Lisle wished to keep his wife in good humour. My Lisle was a beautiful and Delicate woman. She was fond of all riches and luxuries. She thought she deserves all these and thought that it is an error of destiny that she is born in a poor family and married to a mere clerk in the office of the Board of Education. Matilda’s beauty and style impressed Lisle. He tried his best to keep her happy. She was fond of parties and balls. That’s an 8 W y when Lisle got an invitation of Ball of minister’s residence. He was happy for his wife. He bought her a new dress for the ball, with the money he had saved to buy a hunting gun. He loved her so much that he bought the new diamond necklace to replace the lost one for thirty-six thousand francs which lost all his savings and compelled him to do extra jobs after office time. These entire all he did because he loved his beautiful wife very much and wanted to keep her happy.


 Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl. She lived with her parents in Germany. But Hitler’s Nazi party was against the Jews. The Nazis were killing the Jews or forcing them to work in the concentration camps. The Frank family fled from Germany in 1933 and took shelters in the Netherlands. But in 1940, Germany attacked the Netherlands and captured it. Now the Nazis started arresting the Jews and sending them to the concentration camps. The Frank family went into hiding. They lived secretly in the upper floors of their business premises. They hid there for 25 months. Their non-Jewish friends gave them food.

Anne had started writing her diary before going into hiding. In August 1944, the Germans came to know of their hiding. They were arrested and sent to Germany. Anne, her sister, Margot and her mother soon died in a concentration camp. Her father survived and published part of Anne’s diary. In this diary, Anne gives a moving and tragic account of the difficulties faced by her family and the other Jews.

The part of the diary reproduced in this chapter is about the days when Anne was a schoolgirl and she and her family had not yet moved to the secret quarters.

11. It depends on the subject matter what style a poet chooses to adopt while writing a poem. The poem describes wild animals and how to distinguish them. To avoid oversimplification and monotony, the poet uses ‘humour’ as an effective weapon. The ‘humour’ used in the poem is suggestive and mild. It is not biting or scathing in effect. If the Asian Lion “roars at you as you’re dying”. The Bengal Tiger is a ‘noble’ wild beast that “greets you” when you are roaming round in the jungle. The unsparing Leopard will show no mercy and it will “do no good to roar with pain.” If you have any doubts, the bear will “give you just one more caress.” The poet uses subtle humour when he says: “Hyenas come with merry smiles; But if they weep they’re Crocodiles”.


Lencho has complete faith in God as he is instructed that God knows everything and helps us in our problems. There are few sentences which show this 

  • But in the hearts of all who lived in that solitary house in the middle of the valley, there was a single hope help from God.
  • All through the night, Lencho thought only of his one hope: the help of God, whose eyes, as he had been instructed, see everything, even what is deep in one’s conscience.
  • “God”, he wrote, “if you don’t help me, my family and I will go hungry this year”.
  • He wrote ‘To God’ on the envelope, put the letter inside and still troubled, went to town.
  • God could not have made a mistake, nor could he have denied Lencho what he had requested

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