Class-7 Passage-22 PRAFULLA  CHANDRA  RAY (Unsolved) (250 Words)

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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow-                                                       

Prafulla Chandra Ray was born on 2 August 1861 in the district of Jessore, now in Bangladesh, close to the birthplace of Madhusudan Dutt, widely regarded as the Milton of Bengal. It was the best of times and the worst… The British had by now perfected their role as masters and British values permeated the Indian upper classes to the very last detail like table manners. That of course, was not the worst of the British influence. What was far more demeaning to the educated Indians – and there were several – was the fact that senior government positions were closed to them. Being forfeited of one’s right in one’s land of birth would become the rallying point for the Indian intelligentsia in the years to come. Ray’s father Harish Chandra Ray, a man of learning and taste, was closely associated with the cultural and intellectual leaders of the time and exerted great influence on his son. Ray had his early schooling in the village school founded by his father but soon his father shifted to Calcutta and at the age of nine, little Prafulla set eyes for the first time, on the bustling city that would be his home for many years to come. He was filled with wonder at the ever-changing sights and sounds – the city seemed to change moods ever so often! His formal schooling was interrupted due to illness but that did not affect his education.

A. The British perfected their role as masters because

  1. they had enslaved Indians
  2. they showed that they were superior
  3. they were hated by the upper classes
  4. upper-class Indians accepted them as role models

B. The educated Indians felt insulted by the fact that

  1. They had to follow British Customs
  2. They were not allowed to study in institutions of higher learning
  3. They were not promoted to senior government positions
  4. They were forced to speak only in English.

 C. Prafulla Chandra Ray was greatly influenced by…….

  1. his brother
  2. his uncle        
  3. his father                     
  4. . his cousin

D. Prafulla Chandra’s illness could not stop his

  1. Schooling
  2. learning           
  3. routine         
  4.  sportsman spirit

E. Intelligentsia’ here means

  1. intelligent animals
  2. Intel television
  3. intelligent people 
  4. a special detergent

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