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It is sad to know that the students very much fond of books are called bookworms by their own companions. Those disparagements generally come from the mouths of students who consider themselves as being ‘gamesters’. On the other hand it is also amazing to know that there are children shining in athletics or in some other games think that the field of games is a nobler choice for them and the  expenditure of their energies than the classroom or the reading desk, The idea is born out of an inferiority complex inherent in the There are game minded children. They start hating their friends who are academically sound. On the other hand, shining academically is also unique and has a glamour in itself.

It is not to be denied that the playing of games is a worthy activity; it is worthy in the sense that the team spirit can be engendered in the individual only if he learnt to participate in the playing of games. It is also true that the player does much for society and for his country on the playing field. It is true that the feeling of cooperation can be cultivated in a person only through group activity. But studies should not be sacrificed in order that students devote their time only to the playing of games. It is my observation that those boys who become obsessed with the playing, particularly of cricket, begin to ignore their studies and then their academic ability suffers, as it must.

There should be a place for each type of activity in our lives only when the individuals will be produced with a proper perspective of things. Then will we have the student who is both academically good and who can hold his own on the games field? That is the personality that we want our educational system to produce.              

  1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions briefly

 (a) What, according to the author, is the main goal of education?

 (b) The writer’s advice on involving oneself in games and sports is that

 (c) The handicap that arises out of over-involvement in games is

 (d) ‘Gamesters’ tend to call academically sound students bookworms because….

(e)  What are the two qualities that we can acquire through playing games?

 (f) Give a suitable title for the passage.

(g) Pick out and write the phrase which indicates the importance of academic achievement, from the passage.

(h) When will the individual with a proper perspective of things be produced?


(a) It is to make the students academically good and good at sports too.

(b) it is a worthy activity if our interest in it is balanced with academics.

(c) that students begin to ignore their studies and thus their academic ability suffers.

(d) they envy their fellow-beings who shine academically and develop an inferiority complex.

(e) 1. Sports develop a sense of team spirit in the individual and

  1. a person develops a feeling of cooperation.

(f) Real Education

(g) The phrase is ‘Academic honours have a glamour which is unique’.

(h) According to the writer, each type of activity should be kept at its own place in our daily life.

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