Class-10 Passage-65 Alan’s Story (300 Words Subjective Solved)

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Alan’s Story

The first peep of the morning then showed us the horrible place, and I could see Alan knit his brow. This is no fit place for you and me,” he said. “This is a place they’re bound to watch.”

And with that, he ran harder than ever down to the waterside, in a part where the river was split in two, among three rocks. It went through with thundering that made my belly quake, and there hung over the place a little mist of spray. Alan looked neither to the right nor to the left, but jumped clean upon the middle rock and fell there on his hands and knees to check himself, for the rock was small and he might have pitched over on the far side. I had scarce time to measure the distance or to understand the peril before I had followed him, and he had caught and stopped me.

 So there we stood side by side upon a small rock slippery with spray, a far broader leap in front of us. and the river dining upon all sides. When I saw where I was, there came on me a deadly sickness of fear, and I put my hand over my eyes. Alan took one and shook me; I saw he was speaking. but the rowing of the falls and the trouble of my mind prevented me from hearing; only I saw his face was red with anger, and that he stamped upon the rock.


(a) Who was the leader-Alan or the person narrating the story?

(b) Why did Alan knit his brow?

(c) Why did Alan fall on the rock on his hands and knees?

(f) Why did Alan get angry?

(e) What was the danger which the two persons were facing?

(f) Find a word from the passage which means the same as: ‘very little.’


(a) Alan was the leader.

(b) Man knit his brow because he realised that the horrible place in which he and his companions found themselves was not a safe one for them, as their Pursuers were bound to keep watch on this place.

(c) As the rock was small, Alan fell there on his hands and knees to check himself, lest he should be thrown over on the far side.

(d) Alan got angry because his companion showed fear and put his hand over his eyes.

(e) The rock on which they stood was slippery with spray. There was a far broader leap in front of them, and the river was dining upon all sides.

(f) Scarce.

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