English Holiday Home Work Class 6

Class VI Day 1 See the following faces carefully and explain their expressions in your own words in not more than 50 words-          Example- Face 1– The first face seems to be extremely sad as he has purchased a chocolate right now and it has been snatched by a monkey. The monkey is sitting… Read More »

English Holiday Home Work Class 5

Class V Holiday Home Work Day- 1 See the following faces carefully and give a short description of them faces and tell what each face says. Use 30 words.                            Face1– The first face seems to say that talking is not permitted here because something important is going on. It is suggested that keep… Read More »

Model United Nations Anchoring Script Day-1

MUN Anchoring Script OPENING CEREMONY  of MUN  SPEAKER 1: In today’s era of globalization augmenting skills of expository, persuasiveness, debating and negotiating have become obligatory on the part of educational institutions to provide a plethora of opportunities to the young minds to cultivate and nourish ingenuity, leadership skills, mental agility ,confidence and commitment to the cause in the… Read More »

Anchoring Anchoring Script for Investiture Ceremony: Anchoring an Event.

Investiture ceremony Anchoring Script– Anchoring anchoring an investiture ceremony is no small feat; it’s an art that requires eloquence, grace, and a touch of inspiration. If you’re searching for the perfect Investiture Ceremony Anchoring script to guide you through this great role, you’ve come to the right place. this page provides comprehensive Investiture ceremony Anchoring Script. and discover… Read More »

Media Has Forgotten its Role

Debate against the motion that Media has Forgotten its Role Debate in favour of the motion is media doing its job properly? Is media doing a good job? Media is not doing any harm to the society Article in favour of media Media Has Forgotten its Role When I was a boy of 5 years old we used… Read More »


CULTURE IN INDIA India’s cultural heritage dates back to 5000 years. Very few countries in the world has a social and religious structure which withstood invasions and persecution and yet kept its identity by being resilient enough to absorb, ignore or reject all attempts to radically change or destroy them. Indian culture is unique because of its diversity… Read More »

Class-10 Chapter-11The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part 2 (Extra Questions & Notes)

Extra Questions, Notes, Assignment and study material for Class 10th as Per CBSE Syllabus Chapter- 11 Par-II English Language and Literature            Lesson Name- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part- II                                                                                                        By- Samuel Taylor Coleridge Summary in Simple Language Part II The journey continued. As they continued their journey, the improved weather continued too, but there was no… Read More »


The following blog is dedicated to helping professionals stay motivated and dedicated and steer clear of unprofessional habits and attitudes-  Making Headway As a person in the field of human potential development I strive to get an overview of people’s mindset and counsel them for a better life, I have often witnessed that too many people are spending… Read More »

Ch- 12 Song of the Rain (NCERT .sol)

                       Song of the Rain (By Kahlil Gibran) Page No: 91 4. On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following questions by ticking the correct choice. (a) The rain calls itself the ‘dotted silver threads’ as_________. (i) the shimmering drops fall one after the… Read More »

1. Two Gentlemen of Verona (EXTRA Qu.)

                    Two Gentlemen of Verona   (By A.J. Cronin)                                                                  1)What had happened to the parents and the house of Nicola and Jacopo? Ans- Nicola and Jacopo had lost their mother earlier only. Their father, who was an established singer, was killed in the war when Italy was attacked by Germany. Their house was blown off by a bomb,… Read More »