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By | October 3, 2023
This is Jody’s Fawn Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from This is Jody’s Fawn. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying This is Jody’s Fawn Word Meanings from Honeydew Class 8.”

Hard Words :  This is Jody’s Fawn Page No.-83

Drift back= return,recall (पुनः सोचना), Fawn= baby deer,cub (हिरन का बच्चा), Pupils= eye core,black dot (अंख का मध्य भाग), Dilated= widened,grew (विस्तारित), Close shave= barely safe,escaped (बाल-बाल बचना), Tableside= near table,by table (मेज के पास),

Bedside= by bed,near bed (पलंग के पास), Elsewhere= other place,not here (अन्यत्र), Thieving= stealing,taking (चोरी करना), Proud= pleased,happy (गर्वित)

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This is Jody’s Fawn Difficult Words in English Page No.-84

Recollect= remember,recall (याद करना), Doe= female deer,adult deer (मादा हिरन), Fawn= young deer,cub (हिरन का बच्चा), Scared= frightened,afraid (डरा हुआ), Raise= nurture,care for (पालना), Hemmed in= trapped,cornered (घेरा होना), Acorns= oak nuts,seeds (एक प्रकार का बीज),

Ungrateful= thankless,ingrate (अकृतज्ञ), Starve= go hungry,suffer (भूखा रहना), Ceiling= roof top,overhead (छत), Smarter= clever,wiser (होशियार), Hunger= need food,starvation (भूख)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson This is Jody’s Fawn Page No.-85

Sidled = slid, edged (तिरछा होकर चलना), Gasped = shocked, startled (चौंकना), Ungrateful = thankless, rude (अकृतज्ञ), Helplessly = weakly, unable (बेबस), Anxiously = nervously, eagerly (चिंतित), Mounted = climbed, ascended (चढ़ना), Pulled up = lifted, raised (उठाया), Find him = locate, discover (ढूंढना)

English Difficult Words of Chapter This is Jody’s Fawn Page No.-86

Doe-fawn = young female deer (मादा हिरन का बछड़ा), Clearing = open area, space (खुला स्थान), Unwilling = hesitant, reluctant (अनिच्छुक), Disappointment = letdown, sadness (निराशा), Endure = bear, tolerate (सहना), Scrub = bushes, undergrowth (झाड़ियां),

Thick = dense, crowded (घना), Foot = walking, on ground (पैदल), Afraid = scared, fearful (डरा हुआ), Leave = depart, exit (छोड़ना), Hooves = feet of horse, trotters (खुर), Crackling = snapping, popping (करकराना), Direction = way, route (दिशा)

Honeydew Chapter – 6 Jody’s Fawn Word Meaning in English Page No.-87

Buzzard = vulture, scavenger (गिद्ध), Flapped = waved, beat (पंख फड़काना), Clearing = open area, space (खुला स्थान), Oaks = hardwood, tree (ओक वृक्ष), Carcass = remains, body (मृत देह), Scrawny = skinny, thin (दुबला), Hissed = sizzled, spat (सीसी आवाज़), Bough = branch, limb (शाखा),

Adjacent = nearby, close (आस-पास का), Carrion = decayed flesh, remains (मृत देह), Fawn = young deer, cub (हिरन का बछड़ा), Circled = rotated, turned (घूमना), Clacked = clicked, snapped (टकराना), Hoof = foot, trotter (खुर), Tracks = marks, prints (निशान), Startled = shocked, surprised (चौंकाया),

Tumbled = fell, dropped (गिरना), Quivering = shaking, trembling (कांपना), Scenting = sniffing, smelling (सूंघना), Delirious = ecstatic, thrilled (उत्साही), Convulsion = spasm, tremor (अचानक कांपना)

Class 8 This is Jody’s Fawn English To English Word Meaning Page No.-88

Stroked = patted, caressed (सहलाना), Sleek = smooth, polished (चमकीला), Scent = aroma, fragrance (सुगंध), Limply = weakly, loosely (लटककर), Hoist = lift, elevate (उठाना), Bleat = cry, yelp (मेंढ़की ध्वनि), Skirted = avoided, bypassed (पार करना), Thicket = bush, undergrowth (झाड़ी),

Prickling = stinging, scratching (चुभन), Vines = creepers, plants (लताएं), Bobbed = nodded, moved (हिलाना), Thumped = pounded, beat (धड़कना), Marvel = wonder, amazement (आश्चर्य), Intersection = crossing, junction (चौराहा), Dangling = hanging, swinging (लटकना),

Wavered = hesitated, tottered (डगमगाना), Enchanted = charmed, delighted (मोहित), Piteously = sadly, sorrowfully (दुखद रूप से), Fondle = cuddle, hug (प्यार से सहलाना)

Jody’s Fawn Honeydew Word Meaning English Page No.-89

Romp = frolic, play (खेलना), Dared = ventured, risked (साहस करना), Ache = hurt, throb (दर्द होना), Forced = compelled, obliged (मजबूर करना), Allowed = permitted, let (अनुमति देना), Breeze = wind, draft (हवा), Fumbled = struggled, mishandled (अंगूठा चाटना), Latch = lock, fastener (कुंडल),

Obliged = required, forced (मजबूर करना), Balked = hesitated, refused (इनकार करना), Clutch = hold, grip (कसकर पकड़ना), Wobbled = teetered, tottered (डगमगाना), Skimmed = removed, separated (उतारना), Gourd = container, vessel (लौकी), Butted = bumped, knocked (सिर मारना),

Precariously = dangerously, riskily (खतरनाक तरीके से), Frantically = wildly, desperately (उत्कण्ठा से), Thrust = push, shove (ठेलना), Bleated = cried, yelped (मेंढ़की ध्वनि करना)

Chapter – 6 Honeydew Jody’s Fawn Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.-90

Snorted = sniffed, snuffled (नाक से शोर करना), Stamped = stomped, pounded (पैर मारना), Hoofs = feet, trotters (खुर), Impatiently = restlessly, eagerly (अधीरता से), Content = satisfied, pleased (संतुष्ट), Ecstasy = bliss, joy (आनंद), Flicked = twitched, waved (झटका मारना),

Vanished = disappeared, faded (गायब होना), Swirl = whirl, spiral (घूमाव), Gurgling = bubbling, burbling (गड़गड़ाहट)