The Last Bargain Word Meaning with Hindi | Honeydew| Class 8 | 2023-24 Updated

In this post, we’ll share The Last Bargain Word Meaning with Hindi. We have used very simple language to explain word meaning in English and simple Hindi meaning to explain the word meaning. This will help you understand the The Last Bargain Word Meaning Word Meanings from Honeydew Class 8.

The Last Bargain Word Meaning with Hindi  Page no.-70

Hire = employ, recruit (नौकरी पर रखना),  Cried = yelled, shouted (चिल्लाया), Stone-paved = cobbled, flagged (पत्थरीली), Sword = blade, weapon (तलवार), Chariot = cart, wagon (रथ), Counted for naught = worthless, useless (बेकार), Mid-day = noon, high noon (दोपहर),

Shut doors = closed, sealed (बंद), Wandered = roamed, strolled (भटकना), Crooked = bent, twisted (तेढ़ा), Lane = alley, pathway (गली), Pondered = mulled, thought (विचार किया), Weighed = measured, balanced (तौला)

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The Last Bargain Word Meaning in Hindi Page no.-71

Hedge = bush, shrubbery (झाड़ी), Aflower = blooming, flowering (खिला हुआ), Fair = beautiful, pretty (सुंदर), Paled = faded, dimmed (फीका पड़ना), Melted = dissolved, vanished (पिघलना), Glistened = shone, sparkled (चमकना), Sand = grit, soil (रेत),

Waywardly = unpredictably, erratically (अनियमित), Shells = casings, covers (कवछ), Raised = lifted, elevated (उठाया), Henceforward = from now on, henceforth (इसके बाद), Bargain = deal, agreement (सौदा), Struck = formed, made (बनाया)

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