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By | September 30, 2023
Glimpses of the Past Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Glimpses of the Past. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Glimpses of the Past Word Meanings from Honeydew Class 8.”

Hard Words : Glimpses of the Past Page No. -36

Function = event, gathering (अनुष्ठान) , Countrymen = citizens, compatriots (स्वदेशी), Recall = remember, bring back (स्मरण करना), Sacrifices = offerings, renunciations (त्याग), Martyrs = fallen heroes, sacrifice (शहीद)

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Glimpses of the Past Difficult Words in English Page No. -37

Superior = better, advanced (उत्कृष्ट), Extending = growing, spreading (बढ़ाना), Short-sighted = narrow-minded, unwise (अल्पदृष्टि), Upstart = newcomer, self-made (नया उत्थानकर्ता), Merchants = traders, businessmen (व्यापारी), Defeat = beat, conquer (हराना), Constant = ongoing, unending (निरंतर), Far-seeing = visionary, insightful (दूरदृष्टि), Brave = courageous, daring (साहसी),

Rivalries = competitions, feuds (प्रतिस्पर्धा), Subdue = control, overpower (वश में करना), Destiny = fate, future (किस्मत), Conquests = victories, takeovers (विजय), Dethroned = removed, ousted (सिंहासन छोड़ना), Slaves = servants, subjugated (दास), Foreigners = outsiders, non-natives (विदेशी)

Glimpses of the Past Good Word Meaning Page No. -38

Religious = spiritual, faith-based (धार्मिक), Preached = taught, advocated (प्रचार किया), Untouchability = exclusion, bias (अछूत), Scorned = mocked, disdained (उपेक्षा की), Merchants = traders, sellers (व्यापारी), Abandon = quit, leave (त्याग देना), Misery = pain, suffering (दु:ख), Arrears = debts, dues (बकाया), Natives = locals, residents (स्थानीय), Unworthy = undeserving, inadequate (अयोग्य),

Incapable = unfit, unable (असमर्थ), Honesty = truth, integrity (ईमानदारी), Inevitably = surely, certainly (अनिवार्यता से), Famines = hunger, shortages (अकाल), Starvation = hunger, famine (भूखमरी), Ruined = broke, destroyed (बर्बाद), Artisans = craftsmen, workers (शिल्पकार),

Cripple = hinder, disable (असक्षम करना), Industries = factories, sectors (उद्योग), Seas = oceans, waters (समुद्र), Religion = faith, belief (धर्म)

Glimpses of the Past English Difficult Words in English Page No. -39

Learned = educated, knowledgeable (विद्यान्वित), Despise = hate, scorn (तुच्छ समझना), Ancient = old, historical (प्राचीन), Culture = traditions, heritage (सांस्कृतिक), Achievements = successes, feats (उपलब्धियाँ), Reform = improve, amend (सुधार), Superstitions = beliefs, myths (अंधविश्वास),

Essence = core, nature (सार), Attracted = drawn, interested (आकृष्ट), Modern = current, new-age (आधुनिक), Practical = usable, functional (व्यावसायिक), Scientific = methodical, empirical (वैज्ञानिक),

Crossed = traveled, passed (पार किया), Rulers = leaders, governors (शासक), Subjects = citizens, people (प्रजा), Responsibility = duty, obligation (जिम्मेदारी), Suspicious = distrustful, skeptical (संदेहपूर्ण)

Glimpses of the Past Class 8 Word Meaning in English Page No. -40

Oppress = subjugate, dominate (दमन करना), Regulation = rule, law (नियम), Jailed = imprisoned, locked up (जेल भेजा), Trial = legal examination, hearing (योग्यता परीक्षण), Fortunes = wealth, riches (धन-संपत्ति), Exporting = sending out, shipping (निर्यात करना),

Goods = products, items (सामग्री), Prospered = thrived, succeeded (समृद्ध हुआ), Industries = businesses, sectors (उद्योग), Reported = informed, told (रिपोर्ट की), Bones = remains, skeletal structure (हड्डियां), Weavers = textile workers, artisans (बुनकर), Plains = flat lands, open areas (मैदान)

English To English Word Meaning of Chapter Glimpses of the Past Page No. -41

Persian = Iranian, language (फारसी), Natives = locals, people (देशी लोग), Clerks = workers, staff (लिपिक), Petty = small, minor (तुच्छ), Incidentally = by chance, unexpectedly (अकस्मात), Intellectuals = thinkers, scholars (बुद्धिजीवी), Educate = teach, train (शिक्षित करना),

Material = physical, real (भौतिक), Conditions = state, status (स्थितियां), Convey = tell, inform (बताना), Grievances = complaints, issues (शिकायतें), Parliament = assembly, council (संसद), Conquered = won, overtook (विजयी हुआ), Puppets = dolls, stooges (कठपुतली), Converting = changing, shifting (रूप बदलना)

Glimpses of the Past Class 8 Word Meaning English Page No. -42

Ruin = destroy, wreck (बर्बाद करना), Rebellion = uprising, revolt (विद्रोह), Massacred = killed, slaughtered (नरसंहार किया), Discontent = unhappiness, dissatisfaction (असंतोष), Brewing = forming, developing (उत्पन्न हो रहा है), Pittance = tiny amount, little (बहुत कम मात्रा),

Promotions = advancements, raises (पदोन्नति), Customs = traditions, practices (रिवाज़), Sepoys = soldiers, infantry (सिपाही), Revolted = rebelled, mutinied (विद्रोह किया), Humiliated = embarrassed, shamed (अपमानित), Executed = killed, terminated (निष्कासित), Grease = lubricant, oil (वसा),

Deceived = tricked, fooled (धोखा दिया), Shelter = protection, refuge (आश्रय), Patriots = nationalists, loyalists (राष्ट्रभक्त)

Glimpses of the Past Difficult Word Meaning English Class 8 Page No. -43

Violent = brutal, harsh (हिंसक), Outbreak = eruption, flare-up (विस्फोट), Sepoys = soldiers, infantry (सिपाही), Marched = walked, advanced (चले गए), Emperor = king, ruler (सम्राट), Rebellion = revolt, uprising (विद्रोह), Spread = expand, grow (फैला),

Landlords = property owners, estate owners (जमींदार), Policies = rules, guidelines (नीतियां), Sore = upset, angry (नाराज)

Word Meaning English to Hindi of Chapter Glimpses of the Past Page No. -44

Former = previous, ex- (पूर्व), Rulers = leaders, monarchs (शासक), Bitter = resentful, angry (कटु), Kingdom = realm, territory (राज्य), Popular = well-liked, favored (लोकप्रिय), Rise = stand up, get up (उठो), Ruining = destroying, spoiling (बर्बाद कर रहा),

Upsurge = surge, uprising (उत्थान), Foreigner = outsider, non-native (विदेशी), Offering = gift, tribute (भेंट), Patriots = nationalists, loyalists (देशभक्त), Pounced = attacked, lunged (झपटा), Pitched = intense, fierce (तीव्र)