Hard Words : Dad and the Cat and the Tree Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | Honeycomb | Class 7 | 2023-24 Updated

By | October 4, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Dad and the Cat and the Tree. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Dad and the Cat and the Tree Word Meanings from Honeycomb Class 7.”

Hard Words : Dad and the Cat and the Tree Page No.-108

Stuck = trapped, immobilized (अटका हुआ), Wobbly = shaky, unsteady (डगमगाता हुआ), Scoffed = mocked, ridiculed (उपहास करना), Climber = ascender, scaler (चढ़ने वाला), Child’s play = very easy, simple (बच्चों का खेल), Ladder = steps, rungs (सीढ़ी),

Garden shed = storage hut, toolhouse (बगीचे का छोटा घर), Slipped = slid, lost grip (फिसलना), Landed = fell, settled (उतरना), Flower bed = garden patch, bloom area (फूलों की खेती का क्षेत्र)

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Dad and the Cat and the Tree Difficult Words in English Page No.-109

Never mind = disregard, ignore (चिंता मत करो), Brushing = wiping, clearing (साफ़ करना), Dirt = grime, soil (मिट्टी), Trousers = pants, slacks (पतलून), Stand out = move aside, step back (हट जाओ), Swung = rotated, pivoted (झूलना), Branch = limb, twig (शाखा),

Broke = snapped, split (टूट गया), Wallop = hard hit, thump (जोर से मारना), Deck = ground, surface (फर्श), Neck = nape, throat (गरदन), Rubbish = nonsense, trash (बकवास), Winking = blinking, flash (पलक झपकाना)

Good Word Meaning of Poem Dad and the Cat and the Tree Page No.-110

Climbed = ascended, scaled (चढ़ा), Garden wall = boundary wall, divider (बगीचे की दीवार), Leap = jump, bound (छलांग), Crook = bend, curve (मोड़), Tree-trunk = main stem, timber (वृक्ष का तना), Yell = shout, scream (चीखना), Sprang = jumped, leaped (उछल पड़ा),

Pleased as Punch = very happy, delighted (बहुत प्रसन्न), Safe and sound = unharmed, intact (सुरक्षित और अक्षुण), Smiling = grinning, beaming (मुस्कराता),

Smirking = self-satisfied smile, smug grin (अभिमानपूर्वक मुस्कराहट), Smug = self-satisfied, complacent (आत्म-संतुष्ट), Stuck = trapped, immobilized (अटका हुआ)