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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from A Visit to Cambridge. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying A Visit to Cambridge Word Meanings from Honeydew Class 8.”

Hard Words : A Visit to Cambridge Page No.-93

Metaphor = symbol, representation (रूपक अलंकरण), Strange = odd, unfamiliar (अजीब), Walking tour = foot journey, stroll (पैदल यात्रा), Guide = leader, escort (मार्गदर्शक), Disabled = impaired, handicapped (विकलांग), Worthy = deserving, suitable (योग्य),

Successor = follower, heir (उत्तराधिकारी), Chair = position, seat (पद), Paralysed = immobilized, stiffened (लकवा आया हुआ), Astrophysicist = star expert, space scientist (खगोल भौतिकविद्)

A Visit to Cambridge Difficult Words in English Page No.-94

Author = writer, scribe (लेखक), Rushed = hurried, dashed (जल्दी की), Tearing = ripping, pulling (फाड़ना), Assistant = helper, aide (सहायक), Propelled = pushed, moved (धकेला), Weak = frail, feeble (कमजोर), Disabled = impaired, handicapped (विकलांग), Brave = fearless, courageous (वीर),

Achieving = attaining, reaching (प्राप्त करना), Disembodied = bodiless, spirit-like (अशरीर), Disintegrating = crumbling, breaking (टूटता हुआ), Creatively = inventively, artistically (रचनात्मक रूप में),

Anguish = torment, pain (पीड़ा, Buoyant = cheerful, upbeat (उत्साही), Frozen = stiff, halted (जमा हुआ), Chronically = constantly, habitually (लगातार), Laughing = giggling, chuckling (हंसना)  

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson A Visit to Cambridge Page No.-95

Responded = replied, answered (जवाब दिया), Disturbs = interrupts, bothers (व्याकुल करना), Glimpse = quick look, peek (झलक), Twisted = bent, contorted (मुड़ा हुआ), Slump = droop, sag (झुकाव), Shrunk = contracted, reduced (सिकुड़ जाना), Wasted = weakened, emaciated (दुर्बल)  ,

Incandescence = glow, brightness (उज्ज्वलता), Eternal = everlasting, perpetual (शाश्वत), Synthesiser = electronic device, sound generator (संगणक), Inflection = modulation, tone change (स्वर में परिवर्तन), Enthusiastically = with zeal, eagerly (उत्साहपूर्वक)  , Shifted = moved, adjusted (स्थान परिवर्तित करना)  

English Difficult Words of Lesson A Visit to Cambridge Page No.-96

Inspiration = motivation, stimulus (प्रेरणा)  , Cliché = stereotype, trite (हाथों-हाथ उपयोग किया गया वाक्यांश)  , Claustrophobic = trapped, confined (संकीर्णता से डर)  , Admiration = respect, esteem (प्रशंसा)  , Concentrate = focus, hone in (ध्यान केंद्रित करना)  , Olympics = games, sports (ओलंपिक खेल)  , Gleefully = joyfully, happily (खुशी से)  , Annoyed = irritated, bothered (परेशान)  ,

Grinning = smiling, beaming (मुस्कान)  , Motorised = powered, automatic (मोटर चालित)  , Dodged = evaded, sidestepped (टालना)  , Glare = shine, brightness (चमक)  , Embodiment = example, personification (मूर्तिकरण)  , Bravest = boldest, courageous (सबसे बहादुर)  

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